Raja Rani 1st February 2021 Written Update: Sandhya advising Saravanan

Raja Rani 1st February 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today’s episode starts with Shivagami sitting on the sofa with her husband everyone standing around them. Her husband saying to her that he was worried a lot when that Inspector stood adamant to send her to jail. He has no idea what to do? It’s good Archana reach there on time orelse he can’t able to think what should happen to her. Mayil informs to her that all neighbours kept torture them with their questions. They got tired of replying to their answers.

Archana says that these neighbors are like this only always pokes their heads in other matters. What’s their problem with it. She says to Shivagami it all happened because of her. If she never set fire on godown it will never happen? She knew well all are thinking why did she do this in her in-law’s house. She used to bring a lack of money. Her father’s money is not enough to pay the rent. Her mom buys money as debt to get clothes for them. This is the reason she didn’t study yet. So she thought it’s all happening due to money so she wishes to earn it at any cost. She doesn’t wanna lost the money so she set fire on gowdown to protect her money in greed. She apologizes to her. Shinigami asks her to leave the topic.

Kavitha comes there and enquiring Shivagami what happened? Did they beaten her? She says that all neighbours are talking about her. They will tease her and rumours about her it will last for few days. Don’t mind them. Shivagami replies its ok she can manage all. Kavitha talking in hurting way so Saravanan ask her to stop it. Kavitha question Archana why did she complaint to police station for this small mistake she deny it and says someone gave the complaint.

Archana reminds me how did she plan to frame Sandhya in it and reveal her education details to all. She asks her Sister to send the email. Kavitha leaves from there. Archana asks Mayil to call Sandhya she replies she is not at the home. Archana question where did she went on this time? May added she may go to the temple.

Sandhya reach home and meet Saravanan. He informs to her mom got released he has no idea whose eye fell on their family. Sandhya ask him to leave the matter. Saravanan inform to her that Archana rescued Shivagami. Sandhya doubt it and wish to hide the truth from all. Shivagami question Sandhya where did she went? She replied that she went to meet her friend husband to take her out in bail. Archana says that she rescued her after fall on his feet. She is talking like provoking Shivagami against Sandhya. Mayil calls Shivagami to eat dinner she refuse to eat it. Archana ask her to don’t force her.

Saravanan and Sathya sitting under candle light. Sandhya ask him to take it easy. Be happy for his mom returns instead of seeing her in jail. Its also a part of life we must face happiness and suffering. Then ony our life will be strong. Power comes on time. Sandhya advise him to be comfortable near his mom. He is a strength of his mom. Saravanan smiles

Episode end.