Raja Rani 1st July 2021 Written Update: Senthil warns Archana

Raja Rani 1st July 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Senthil enters into the room and notices Archana thinking something else. Senthil warns her to stop creating problem. Archana says to him that Sandhya’s task time is over today what will be Sivagami’s decision. Senthil yells her its their problem she don’t need to poke her head in it. Archana questions him why is he talking like third person. Senthil complaints that Archana planning criminal when his mom is alert always what if she is innocent?

Archana complaints that he changed to be a good person out of the blue. She knew well he is also eager to know about it. Archana says Sivagami will definitely send Sandhya from this house. Senthil deny it and asks her to concentrate on her life. Senthil questions her what if Sivagami kicks out Archana tomorrow? He teases her using that situation. Archana questions him what will he do if she kick her out alone? Senthil scolds her and leaves from there.

Sivagami is praying in pooja room. Archana wishes to use this situation to provoke her against Sandhya then only she will kick Sandhya out of this house. Archana talks with her like innocent and apologise to her. Because of her Sivagami lost her face in front of that Sandhya. If she didn’t do like this then Sandhya would not have throw the evidence on her face.

Archana adds that she bend her head down in front of Sandhya because of her. She shouldn’t send Sandhya out of the house for this reason. She might forgive her. This is the last option to her. She reminds all past to Sivagami but she sits there in silent without giving heed to Archana. Saravana and Sandhya lost their sleep thinking about the result. Both are reminding their beautiful memories together.

Sandhya thinks what will Sivagami do tomorrow? She got insult for others mistake will she understand her? She reminds Sivagami’s word. Saravana thinks that its good this problem came here it will definitely change Sivagami’s mind. He wishes to unite with Sandhya soon. Saeravana wakes up and finds Sandhya is missing there. Sandhya is packing her things while crying. She notices Saravana’s shirt there and feels emotional. She cries holding the photo of baby.

Saravana questions her what’s she doing? Saravana enquires to her Is mom said anything to her? Sandhya says to him that she fears Sivagami will say something negatively. Saravana asks her to believe in herself. Sandhya tells him that Sivagami wanna believe her. Sandhya informs to him that she is not ready to create fake hope she will leave soon from here if Sivagami takes a decision against her. Saravana informs to her that she is his wife he will never allow her to leave.

Sandhya says to him that she can’t able to see this family breaking. Saravana asks her to wait and see the result. Sandhya informs to him that all decision is in Sivagami’s hand. She is happy if she asks her to stay here. Sandhya’s bangles falls down she touches his feet pretends like taking bangles. Ravi thinks that Sivagami is doing strange here. Archana is happy inside the kitchen thinking about the result. Archana complaints that Sivagami is doing pooja instead of sending Sandhya from here. Archana comes out taking dhaal. Parvathy teases her for showing off. She reminds to all today is three month over it’s the date Sivagami gonna take the decision. Sandhya comes out taking her bag.

Episode end.