Raja Rani 2: Sandhya give a befitting reply to Abdul

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Vijay TV’s popular show Raja Rani serials never fails to entertain it’s audience. Now serial focuses on Sandhya joined in her IPS training. Archana provoke Senthil against his family

In the previous episode we saw; Sandhya participated in the running competition. She helped Parvathy when she got wound in her leg. Gowri lashed out at Sandhya for helping others instead of focusing on her competition. Sandhya tried to explain herself but she didn’t give heed to her words.

Sandhya practiced in night to score good points. Jessica disappointed with Adhi’s attitude. She scold him for not spending money for her baby. Later, Sandhya missed Saravanan and call him. She gave a riddle to Saravanan to find out. Saravanan find the answer of that riddle with the help of Sakkarai.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Trainer will inform the Trainees about their new cycling task. He will alert them that new trainer is strict person. He will punish chettan for not listening to him. Sandhya will complete 100 air cylcing.

Abdul will humiliate her in front of her teammates. Sandhya will ask him to mind his own business. Later, Archana will ask Senthil to hide the truth from Family members about his contest.

What will happen next? Will Sandhya become a IPS? When will Archana’s truth come out?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates