Raja Rani 2: Sandhya to find out bomb

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Vijay tv fame” Raja Rani” launched it’s season2 with different plot. This show is now concentrating on Sandhya to find out Selvam’s plan.

In the previous episode we saw; Parvathy feared the worst. Police successfully defuse the bomb from her body. She hugged Sandhya and cried. Sandhya thanked Police for saved her sister in law. Police thanked her back for saving many peoples life. Sandhya enquired to Parvathy about the culprit? She fainted mentioning Selvam name.

They gave first aid to her Police stopped Sandhya from informing her family members. Sandhya alerted Saravana to check Selvam’s where about? Saravanan called to Selvam he feared to get caught. Selvam smartly escaped from police. Saravanan first aided to Selvam.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Parvathy will reveal Selvam is terrorist. Sandhya will alert Saravanan about it. Saravanan will caught him and handover him to police. Selvam will escape from police. Sandhya will find out bomb in Sakkarai’s coat.

What will happen next? Will Police help Sandhya? Will Sandhya punish Selvam?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates..