Raja Rani 2: Sivagami to give a fitting reply to Archana

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Vijay TV’s popular show Raja Rani serials never fails to entertain it’s audience. Now serial focuses on Sandhya joined in her IPS training. Sandhya apologize to Sivagami

In the previous episode we saw; Archana intentionally threw Adhi’s shirt down to create problems with Jessy. Jessy argued with her for disrespect her. Both ended up arguing with each other. Sivagami lashed out at both of them for creating unnecessary issues in home.

Later, Gauri warned Sandhya and her friends for created scene in a bar. Sandhya took all the blame on her to save her friends. Gauri gave a final warning to her. Later, Sandhya informed this matter to Saravanan. Before Saravanan informed this to Sivagami. Neighbour provoked her against Sandhya.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Neighbour will share with Sivagami that Sandhya created scene in a bar. She didn’t went to attend police training. She was enjoying in party and pub. Sivagami will scold them for badmouthing her daughter in law.

She will clear them that Sandhya won’t do anything which will affect their family reputation. Archana will try to manipulate her against Sandhya. Sivagami will give a fitting reply to her. Later, Sandhya will narrate the situation to Sivagami. She will apologize to her.

What will happen next?

Will Sandhya become a IPS?

When will Archana’s truth come out?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more update