Raja Rani 20th April 2021 Written Update: Saravanan’s stern decision

Raja Rani 20th April 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Sandhya comes to the sweet stall. She questions Sakkarai Is his anger on now? He informs to her that he is still angry. Saravanan informs to Sakkarai that he is going to market. Sandhya asks him to comb his hair before leaving. Saravanan adjust his hair with his hand looking at mirror. sandhya is teasing him along with Sakkarai. Saravanan tries to leave in scooter but its not starting. He tries to stop the auto but no one stopping for him. sandhya and Sakkarai teases him. Sandhya is repairing his scooter. Saravanan stares her proudly but not showing it on his face. Sandhya asks him to start the scooter now. its start in first attempt. Saravanan and Sakkarai questions her how come she know it all? She informs to him that she learned it from her father. Saravanan says to her that he won’t forgive her for this all. sandhya do the sits up. He notices the greece in her hand and ears. He helps her to clean it all. He gives sweets to her. Sandhya apologies to him for giving money to Adhi without informing to him.

Saravanan says to her that Adhi is wasting money in the name of education. Mom and Saravanan dislikes it. Sandhya says to him that spending money for education is not waste at all. Sivagami questions Paru didn’t she buy Sarie from Senthil shop? Paru lies to her that new design didn’t come in his shop. Sivagami says to her don’t lie may be she forgot to ask Senthil. Senthil comes there she questions the same to him? But he too says the same. Sivagami comments that both are same in it. Saravanan comes there. Sivagami questions him did prepared sweets for marriage function? He informs to her that all are done she can take it from sweet stall. Sivagami informs to him that his grandma specially asked her to bring sandhya. She is very strict even Sivagami can’t able to manage her. If she see Sandhya then she will lashes out at her. Saravanan says to her that they will stay in home then.

Sivagami says to Saravanan that she don’t like Sandhya at all. She hates her behaviours in this house. She already gave time to her. Ravi questions him what did Sandhya done to her? Saravanan asks her to say the reason she will change soon. Sivagami deny it. Saravanan says to her that Sandhya is not showing her education attitude to all. She is trying in all way to change. She is trying to impress Sivagami. She says to him that if she fails to change herself in three months then he wants to kick her out. Ravi asks him to leave this topic. Saravanan questions Adhi what would he like to study? He informs to him that he want to do training to get job. Sivagami scolds him for wasting money. Saravanan asks Adhi to work in his sweet stall till he earns the money.

Sandhya doubts why did Saravanan taking Adhi to sweet stall. He informs to Sandhya that Adhi going to work here. Sandhya gets shock to hear it. Saravanan asks him to do the delivery but he deny it. Saravanan asks him to prepare laddo then. Adhi leaves from there. His friends are humiliating him for delivering the sweets. Senthil gives the Sarie to Paaru. Paaru provokes him against Sandhya? She lies to him that Sandhya asked Saravanan to do like this. She asks him to inform this to Sivagami. Senthil shares this to Sivagami but she deny it. Paarvathy teases Sivgami that she fears to meet her mother in law. Sivgami deny it. Ravi too teases her along with them.

Episode end.