Raja Rani 22nd January 2021 Written Update: Sandhya Deduces the truth

Raja Rani 22nd January 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today episode starts with Sandhya staring Saravanan cooking alone. She ask him to give some work to her he ask her to fry the pappas. Sandhya doing it and helping him to wash the vessels. Her friend Anitha comes there and notice Sandhya washing vessels. Saravanan stare her and informs to her she is his wife Sandhya. She gets surprised and walks near her. Both hugs each other.

Anitha question her what did she doing here that cook mentioned her as his wife Is it true? She nods. Anitha question her why did she marry this guy she expected that she may end up marrying an IAS after she become an IPS officer. Sandhya replies her fate turns out to be like this. Her brother lies to his family and done this marriage in rush. Anitha feels pity for her and look down on Saravanan job. Sandhya replies to her Saravanan has good heart cooking is also a business so don’t look down on it. Saravanan comes there and ask her to visit his house often to give company to Sandhya she nods and leaves from there.

Shivagami waiting for Saravanan not sleeping. They reach there and give the today collection to her. Shivagami feels proud to see him and appreciate Sandhya work too. She ask him to give this money to Senthil. Saravanan deny it and ask his mom to give to him. Both go inside their room. Sandhya keep thinking about her friend words and wish to share her feelings to him. Saravanan sits beside her and opens up with her and informs to her whatever he likes in her. He gifted bangles to her. Sandhya feels happy receiving it. Saravanan says to her he wish there is no secret between them and lay on floor. Sandhya thinks she is hiding big secret with him she wish to be a good wife of him and shares her education details too.

Saravanan ask Paarvathy to apply oil on his head and do body massage to him. She deny it. Sandhya notice it and she go voluntarily to body massage to him. He felt shy though accept it. Sandhya doing it roughly Saravanan moaning in pain. Then Sandhya cleaning the Varanda. Archana comes there and talking with her. Mayil about to throw out the Ashes they collected from gudown. Sandhya stopped her. Archana informs to her that Shivagami refuse to give complaint to police station thinking it as bad omen. Sandhya feels helpless. Archana wish to destroy the last evidence too so she poures it down.

Sandhya notice the ashes melting in water. Clothes won’t melt in water. Sandhya checking it with experiment and find out no clothes burnt in gudown but just papers. She wish to convey it to Shivagami later changed her mind. She wish to inform this to Archana but phone rings. She attend it and learn from the customers that Archana done drama that they lost everything in fire accident. Sandhya notice the saries placed under her bed. She confirmed its all Archana plan to get money from Saravanan. She wish to inform this to Shivagami but change her mind then leaves to collect the evidence.

Episode end.