Raja Rani 22nd June 2021 Written Update: Sivagami insults Sandhya

Raja Rani 22nd June 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Saravana and Sandhya notices Janani and Mani reaches there. Ravi welcomes them inside but Sandhya stopped them. Sandhya asks Mani to leave from there. Mani says to her that Sivagami asked him to come here. Sandhya tells her its her family matters so stop poking their head in it. Sandhya says to them its their family matters she don’t like them learning about it. Sandhya thank them for coming there and asks them to leave from there if they wishes to see her leading a good life.

Mani and Janani leaves from there. Ravi says to her he can understand her feelings but Sivagami is not understanding her heart that she is trying to save this family reputation too. Ravi says to Sandhya that he know she is innocent all are provoking Sivagami against her so stay calm here. Sivagami questions her Is she send them back before getting caught? Sivagami insults Sandhya’s family. Sivagami complaints that Senthil and Saravana fighter with each other for Sandhya but she made Mani escape from there.

Anitha calls there Mayil attends it and asks her to call after sometimes. She didn’t place the receiver properly Anitha hearing the conversation through it. Sivagami asks Saravana to see Sandhya’s real face. Sandhya can lock her jewels inside her room. She will stay here only for few days.

Sandhya gets shock to hear it. She adds that she wanna return the jewels to her when her brother gonna take her from this house. It’s her punishment for searching a daughter in law like her. Anitha thinks Sandhya is an educated one why is she suffering like this? Ravi thank Sandhya for staying silent for him. He assures to her that soon she will understand Sandhya and she will live with Saravana happily here. Sandhya cries thinking about Sivagami’s word. Saravana tries to console her but Sandhya informs to him that she didn’t steal anything. Only Saravana and Ravi are understanding her. Rest all intentionally hurting her.

Sandhya says to him that her parents didn’t upbringed her in this way. Sandhya complaints that she didn’t slept whole night in pain. Saravana asks her to talk with all clearly. Sandhya says to him don’t do like this. Everyone will misunderstand his intention. Sandhya says to him that she will deal with it. Already Sivagami has bad intention on her that’s why she is treating her in this way. She will definitely prove to Sivagami that she is innocent. Saravana questions her how will she find it? Sandhya says she will definitely find a solution.

Sivagami is paying to god. Sandhya thinks that she will scold her if she ask anything to her now? She waits for her to complete the pooja. Sandhya prays to god and stops Sivagami. Sandhya says to her she didn’t try to put blame on her and stole that necklace also. Sivagami says to her that she was repeating it from yesterday. Sandhya says to her that her parents didn’t upbringing her in that way? Sivagami finds mistakes in all her words. Sandhya asks permission to her to meet her brother. Sivagami says to her where is her bag? She insults her again.

Sandhya complaints that she is blaming her unnecessarily one day she will understand her that she is innocent. Sivagami insults her stop pretending like innocent and leaves from there. Saravana comes there and advises Sakkarai to study well. Sivagami notices him going out to taking money. Saravana goes to buy necklace in jewelry shop. He finds the same design there and wishes to buy it and solve this problem.

Episode end.