Raja Rani 25th February 2021 Written Update: Sivagami to help Saravanan

Raja Rani 25th February 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Saravanan’s dad reading newspaper. Sivagami comes there scolding her neighbour. He enquires to her what’s the matter? She replies to him that her neighbour brough one bread packet and placed it in his varanda. One street dog eat it in hungry. That person throw stone on it and breaks its two leg. Sivgami feels pity for that dog and shares one more incident with him she read in newspaper.

Sivagami complaints that human beings are behaving cruel to animals. Her husband indirectly says to her that some peoples are very sensitive. when it comes to animals but treat their childrence as enemy, if they do small mistakes. Sivagami glares him for pointing her. Sivagami questions him Is Saravanan did a small mistakes? Sivagami says to him don’t compare animals with Human beings.

Sandhya comes there and informs to Sivagami and her father in law that Saravanan got an order, but he can’t able to concentrate in anything. He is suffering to complete the order. Sandhya adds that she hears from Sakkarai that Saravanan learnt to cook sweets from Sivagami. She requests to Sivagami help Saravanan to complete the order. Sivagami ignores her. Sandhya requests to her father in law. He deny it first and later agrees to do it.

Sivagami leaves from there. Sandhya informs to him that she used this plan to unite Sivagami and Saravanan. He replies to her that he understand it. He praises Sandhya’s thought and appreciates her for being a good wife to Saravanan and daughter in law. He assures to Sandhya that Sivagami will definitely help them. Sandhya and her father in law starts their work. Sivagami is walking here and there.

Sivagami is watching them. Sandhya and her father in law doing mistakes intentionally to provoke Sivgami. She feds up and starts doing laddu for Saravanan. Sandhya and her father in law feels happy to see it. She done with laddu and searching for someone to help her. Sandhya hides intentionally.

Sivgami calls to Archana but she ignores her call to avoide getting into trouble. Senthil alerts her but she ignores him too. Sivagami worries who will help her to handover the sweets to Saravanan. If she fails to give on time then customer will scold Saravanan. Customer comes to Saravanan shop and lashes out at him.

Episode end.