Raja Rani 2nd February 2021 Written Update: Shivagami is in dilemma

Raja Rani 2nd February 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today episode starts with Archana is folding the cloths. She thinks that she send an email to ruin everyone peace in this house. It helps them to forget her deeds that she set fire on gudown. They forget that and thinking she is a saviour of Shivagami. Now its settled so she wanna reveal Sandhya education details to all in this time. She about to go Shivagami standing there she got shocked. Shivagami question her how much she studied? She replies she studied only 5th std. She don’t know to send email at all she ask her to trust her. Shivagami question her she don’t studied much and have no habit to watch TV or reading news paper then how comes she know about the law? She replies that she heard it in police station. Shivagami leaves from there. Senthil comes there and question Archana the same. She ask him to trust her. If she give the complaint why should she get her out of the jail. Senthil replies that he knew well about her if he comes to know she is behind this all then she will see another face of him. Archana thinks why no one trusting her Is her acting is bad or they are brilliant.

Shivagami thinking about the incident in her room. Her husband comes there and console her. He says to her that they lead an peaceful life because she lead the family well. He was silent in all matters because he trust her all moves. Shivagami staring him. He ask her to forget this all. She says that she punished Archana because she burnt the gudown its an big mistake but whom complaint on her name that’s the big question mark? She feel like she lost the peace. He ask her to leave the matter. Then he go to sleep.

Mayil and Parvathy is playing there. Sandhya and Archana are sitting beside them. Archana glaring her. Saravanan ask his dad to cut the potato asap. He is checking all the cooking arrangements. Parvathi saying to them that its giving immense pleasure to her seeing all mens in kitchen. Definitely mom gonna scold us for sending them in. Shivagami comes there after fresh up. She question them why did they sitting here not cooking? She witness all mens are cooking in hurry burry. Shivagami scold the girls for it. Saravanan says that they are doing it to boost up her mood. Shivagami smiles and sharing Saravanan childhood days incidents with them. Sandhya thinking all are happy here she shouldn’t ruin their happiness here.

Saravanan thinking that Sandhya is way too matured. She is taking care of his family well. He wish to gift something to her. He ask Sakkara to suggest him. He is asking him to give gift in her favourite color. He says that he has no idea about it. He wish to learn her favourite list

Episode end.