Raja Rani 2nd July 2021 Written Update: Sandhya is on cloud nine

Raja Rani 2nd July 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Sandhya stands near Sivagami while holding her luggage. Sandhya asks her what’s her decision she will obey it. She already packed her luggage now decision is in her hand. Sivagami asks Parvathy to chant mantra along with her. Archana thinks that Sivagami is maintaining suspense in her decision. Ravi consoles to Sandhya and tells her nothing to worry she won’t send her out because she wrote her test well. Ravi tells her she is still his daughter in law so he asks her to give tea to him.

Sandhya is preparing tea there Archana asks her give it to her she will prepare it. Later she says Ravi may miss her tea after she left from this house so she asks her to prepare it. Archana teases Sandhya. Mani and Janani comes there Ravi greets them. Mani says to them that Sandhya is suffering here because of him. He apologies to all for creating mess here. Ravi says to him he done a mistake but he is forgiving him because he gave Sandhya to them. Adhi says that Sivagami wanna say her decision.

Janani questions Sandhya Is she packed her things? Ravi questions him why is she asking like this? Mani tells him that he don’t wanna create problem here because of Sandhya so he is taking Sandhya from here. Senthil comes there Ravi gets shock to hear it. Ravi questions them why are they acting rush here? Saravana says already she take her decision it seems. Let’s take decision after Sivagami’s decision.

Sivagami comes there and gives Prasad to all. Mani says Sivagami to say her decision they are waiting for her. Ravi asks Sivagami to open up with all. Sivagami complaints that no one seems waiting for her words. Sandhya already came out carrying her luggage. What will she do after she decided to leave from this house. How could she stop Sandhya from leaving this house. Mani asks Sandhya to go with him they don’t need to create any problems in their family.

Sivagami says to Mani that she conducted a test for Sandhya to prove herself as a good daughter in law. They are leaving without hearing the result. Sandhya stares Saravana emotionally. Sivagami says in front of all that Sandhya won in her test. Sandhya get a surprise to hear it. Archana gets shock of her life. Saravana cries turning back.

Sandhya happiness having no bounds aftee hearing it. Sivagami informs to all that everyone here know that Sandhya won in her test then how will she asks her to leave from here? She won’t back off from her promise. Archana thinks she gave shock to her. Sivagami says that she was here these many days for her words. Sivagami says to her its her decision now whether to stay in this house or not? Sandhya reminds Anitha’s word. Mani asks Sandhya to take correct decision in her life.

Sandhya goes near Sivagami and tells her she gave another life to her. She done many mistakes in this house though she said she won in the test. She thank her and falls on her feet. Ravi asks Sandhya to say happily she won’t go with them. Sandhya informs to Mani that its her house and family she will be here only. Ravi asks Saravana to celebrate this victory. Sandhya cries in happiness. Sandhya shares her happiness with her parents and opens up with them. She assures to them that she will be a good daughter in law to this family.

Episode end.