Raja Rani 4th February 2021 Written Update: Saravanan learns the truth

Raja Rani 4th February 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today episode starts with Sandhya is cutting vegetables. Her father in law comes there and question her what’s she doing? She replies she is preparing for lunch. He says its very hot today he can’t go out. He starts to reading the newspaper and calls Mayil there. She strictly says to him that she won’t give any snacks to him orelse mom will scold her. He pouts and ask her to bring the water. He murmers that even news are saying it against him.

Sandhya smiles. Mayil comes there with water its slips on his shirt. Sandhya news is in that newspaper its also drenched in water. He makes faces and leaves. Saravanan is asking everyone there to help him reading the newspaper but none helping him. Finally he ask to the students they inform to him that this lady got 3rd rank in university. Saravanan says he don’t understand anything. They explain to him that this lady is his wife right. She studied M.Com that result are out. She is top in that. Saravanan get shock of his life when he learnt Sathya studied.

Sandhya is cutting vegetables thinking about the incident. She thinks its not good to hiding it from Saravanan atleast. She knew well everyone will get angry on her though its ok she can explain it to them. She cuts the vegetables in hurry. She wish to confess the truth to Saravan today itself. He helped her to learn the cooking so he won’t get angry on her. Saravanan thinking why did Sandhya hide it from him. He remembered the way Sandhya talked in english and her graduation photo he found out in almira.

Shivagami comes to kitchen and asking to Sandhya what is she doing here? She replies that she cut the vegetables and preparing for lunch. Shivagami feels happy to see her doing all works alone. She says that she will help her out. She got shocked to see the vegetables turns to black in color because she forget to puts it in water. She scold her for that. Sandhya appologize to her. Just then they got smell and the cooker blast inside the kitchen. Shivagami and Sandhya got shocked. Everyone rushed to there and questioning them.

Shivagami question her that she forget to add water in cooker? She nods. She lashes out at Sandhya. Sandhya reveals to her that she don’t know cooking and all house hold works her brother lies to them. She came to know this all after the marriage. Archana says she is lie. Sandhya swear to her. Just then Parvathy comes there and reveal to all that Sandhya is a university topper.

Episode end.