Raja Rani 5th February 2021 Written Update: Archana’s vile move

Raja Rani 5th February 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today episode starts with Parvathy reading the newspaper to all and says to Shivagami that Sandhya kept the top 3rd rank in the university. Everyone gets shocked to hear it. Archana question her Is this same Sandhya someone else because Sandhya is 7th std. Parvarthi replies to her that Sandhya picture came on newspaper.

Sandhya is crying silent. Shivagami says to her that she can’t able to believe it because if she is studied then she would have informed this to her before. Sandhya standing there helpless. Archana says that if she studied mean then she was the one whom complained on Shivagami in police station. Because none knew about this incident then her. She doubts whom done this to us but she is the culprit here. Sandhya deny it. Neighbours comes there and calling Shivagami name. She ask them to stop discussing it.

Shivagami and her family comes to hall neighbours enquiring about Sandhya. She comes there so they starts appreciating her for become an 3rd rank holder in the university. They says to her that everyone used to announce such good news to all but here all are hiding it from neighbours why didn’t they celebrating her victory?

Shivagami ask to Sandhya what’s this all? Sandhya replies to her she was educated one. Shivagami got shocked. Neighbours question her does she came to know it now? Why did she hide her education details from her. Sandhya says to her that she tried a lot to confess this to her but always something will stop her. Neighbours complaint that she intentionally hide it. They doubts how did Shivagami found an girl for Saravanan in 15 days. She found her in hurry so she didn’t mind such details. Why did Sandhya agree to marry Saravanan whom uneducated.

Shivagami staring Sandhya in suspicious way. Neighbour find out that something burnt in their house. Archana says ti them that Sandhya don’t know cooking. Shivagami ask her to shut her mouth. Neighbours complaint that all educated girls are behaving like this. They don’t know cooking at all and order foods outside then never respect her husband and ruin the family peace too. Shivagami ask them to get out from there.

Archana ask to Sandhya why did she complaint on Shivagami? She replies to her that she didn’t done it but she agrees that she was educated. Saravanan is devastated thinking about all one side. Archana question her then where were she on that day neither she is not at home nor she came to police station. She informs to them that she went to meet the lawyer for her bail.

Archana again frame her. Sandhya ask Shivagami to trust her but she ask her to stay there till Saravanan comes there she will speak with her after that. Everyone blames Sandhya as the culprit and leaves from there. Sandhya pleading them to trust her. Her father in law says to her that she shouldn’t hide from them how much she was studied that’s the problem here. Sandhya crying one side and Saravanan on another side.

Episode end.