Raja Rani 6th July 2021 Written Update: Sandhya’s outburst

Raja Rani 6th July 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Ravi questions Sivgami Is she forgave Sandhya? Sivagami questions him why should she forgives her? She has no faith in her. Ravi says that doesn’t Sandhya proved her innocence to her then what’s her problem? She tortured Sandhya but never apologise to her. He know well her ego won’t allow her to apologies to her. Sivagami says that Sandhya showed some receipt and Saravana played the video it won’t convince her. She wanna believe that Sandhya didn’t commit any mistakes. Ravi asks to her how will she behave then this? Sivagami adds that she can understands others with their behaviour. Doesn’t Sandhya gave complaint on her in police station.

Ravi asks her to stop blaming Sandhya without proof. Sivagami says they are believing proof but she is believing her heart. Sandhya lied many times and acting like this she don’t have any evidence against her. Saravana will be broken if she sends Sandhya from here. She asked her to stay here for him. One day she will get a chance to prove Sandhya is not a good match for Saravana. Sandhya cries hearing this all. Archana says to Senthil that they failed to purchase in kankatchi. Senthil complaints that he listed money in resort and her sister’s alliance too. He wishes to save money in next month at least. Customer comes there and complaints to Archana that gave tored sarie to her.

Archana checks the sarie and finds she is saying truth. Archana questions her how will she believe it because she took sarie to home and returning it now. Customer says to her she has video proof Archana gets scared to hear it and gives another sarie to her in return. Parvathy reaches there. Archana questions her why is she tensed? Parvathy says to her that Bhaskar I’d torturing her in phone if he calls her again she will reaveal the truth to Mom. Archana assures to her she will talk with him.

Parvathy takes one costly sarie and leaves from there. Senthil complaints if it goes like this then he can’t able to see any profit here. Sandhya cries thinking about Sivagami’s words. She says that she lied to her parents that she won today. She lost her happy after they left from this world. Saravana comes there and shares his happiness with her. Saravana asks her to take the sweets but she deny it.

Sandhya says to Saravana that she is not happy at all. She don’t think that she can able to stay happy here. Saravana says that all problems are solved why is she talking like this? Sandhya says that she was a lier and thief it’s the name she has in this house. Doesn’t she know to fight with all and create a scene here to prove her innocence. Why did she searched for the evidence because she knew well they didn’t suspected her intentionally but circumstances made them. Even after she proved her innocence no one is believing her. Saravana demands her to say the truth. Sandhya tells him she can’t able to reveal everything to him. Sandhya says to him clearly that whatever happens in this house they will only blame her.

Saravana says that something happened here that’s why she is burst out like this. Sandhya says to him that she is feeling tired now. She done everything in this house to save this family and she don’t wanna see the family breaking down. She adjusted with all and hide the wrong face of others in this house. But they take advantage of her and blaming her for others mistakes. All are treating her like a toy. She is also a human she has feelings too. All are doing mistakes intentionally hereafter she can’t able to adjust with them leaving her self respect. She asks him to leave her alone. Saravana leaves from there placing the divorce papers on table.

Episode end.