Raja Rani 7th April 2021 Written Update: Parvathy provokes Sivagami against Sandhya

Raja Rani 7th April 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Mayil brings coffee to all. Sundaram praises the coffed he tasted in resort. Mayil questions Saravanan did he take any video of competition? He nods. Mayil says that she wants to see that video. Adhi asks to Saravanan what they are going to do with the winning amount? Sundaram says to him that why did it bothering him? This is Sandhya’s amount. Saranvanan asks him to don’t stop him. Adhi asks Saravanan to buy a car. Senthil deny it reasoning petrol price is big. Senthil asks Saravanan to extend his textiles. Sivagami teases him, if he extended it only he will get the gain not this family. Parvathy asks him to buy jewels for her marriage with this amount. She adds that jewels amounts is higher now. Sundaram insults them by saying they are fighting for the money after looking down on her victory. Sivagami asks Saravanan to say his opinon. Sandhya says to them they wishes to fix the amount. This amount will be useful for their heir’s education. They are going to fix this amount in Sivagami’s name and Sundaram. Saravanan says that he liked that idea that’s why he didn’t said anything. Sivagami thinks that Sandhya took an good decision. But she hesitates to praise Sandhya. Sundaram asks Sandhya to stop thinking about Sivagami.

Vicky is waiting for Parvathy. He expects something big gonna come. Parvathy thinks she is late to meet him. She fears Vicky may leave before meeting her. Parvathy drops down her mobile it’s not working now. Vicky tries on her mobile and starts searching for her. One stranger takes Parvathy’s picture and starts following her. Vicky notices her and stops her. Vicky informs to her that he waited for her till. Paarvathy excuses Vicky and leaves. Paarvathy regrets not spending time with Vicky and left him alone. She wishes to call him later changes her mind. Vicky calls her, Paarvathy appologizes to him for leaving without informing anything to him. Parvathy narrates everything to him whatever happened there. Vicky questions her why did she asked him to meet her? She says to him that she can’t able to say it through mobile. She will say it when she is meeting him. He asks her to meet him without fail next time.

Sakkarai praises Saravanan for winning the competition. Saravanan says that Sandhya won it. She put so much hardwork in it. Sakkarai teases him that he knew well she won it. Saravanan sends Sakkarai to collect money from nearby store. Sandhya comes there and starts laughs seeing his face. He questions her why is she laughing? Sandhya says to him that something black is sticked on his face. Saravanan thank her for alerting him. Sandhya helps him to wipe it out. Later Sandhya’s face too turns dirt. He takes photo of her. Both are spending times together. Parvathy notices it and gets angry on them. Saravanan gives sweet box to Sandhya. Parvathy wishes to ruin Sandhya’s name. Sivagami asks to Adhi why is he roaming here instead of working in Textile shop or sweet stall. Adhi says to her that he wants to do coding in Chennai! Sivagami scolds him for trying to go there. She asks him to change his mind and work here. She informs to him that one IT office gonna start in Sivagasi, so go and join there. Adhi complaints that she will never give money to study. Sivagami asks him to stop blabbering.

Parvathy complaints that Sivagami has no idea what’s going outside? Sivagami asks her to say it clearly. She informs to Sivagami that Sandhya is in sweet stall with Saravanan. Sivagami questions her what’s wrong in it she went to give lunch to him? Parvathy complaints that Saravanan gives special sweets to Sandhya. Sandhya says to him that she will eat it alone. How shameful it is? Sivagami believes Parvathy’s word and lashes out at Sandhya. Sandhya says to Sivagami why did she talking in this way? She wishes to share it to everyone. Sivagami didn’t believes her words and wishes to confront Saravanan.

Episode end.