Raja Rani 8th April 2021 Written Update: Sivagami scolds Parvathy

Raja Rani 8th April 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Sivagami questions Sandhya Is Saravanan give this sweet to her? Sandhya nods and give it to Sivagami! She refuses to accept it reasoning she don’t need it. He gave it specially for Sandhya not for them. Sandhya deny it, but Sivagami is not listening to her. Sundaram comes there and informs to them about one big news. He understands that something is going on here. Sivagami complaints that Saravanan prepared sweets specially for Sandhya. Sandhya deny it. Sundaram questions her what’s wrong in it? It’s common inbetween husband and wife. Sivagami dislikes it. Saravanan comes there.

Sivagami questions Saravanan why did he give it to Sandhya specially? Parvathy talks bad about him. Saravanan raises his hand to slap Parvathy. Saravanan says to Sivagami stop looking down on his character? How could she think cheep about her? Sivagami says that both Saravanan and Sandhya learnt to say lie often. Saravanan leaves from there. Sundaram questions Parvathy Is she happy now? Sundaram says to Sandhya that Sivagami is blind in everything. She is searching reason to scold her. Saravanan says to Sandhya that Sivagami can’t able to forget that incident that’s why she is keep blaming them. Saravanan asks Sandhya to give up for Sivagami. He don’t need 5 minutes to argue with Sivagami and points out her mistakes, but Senthil and Archana are waiting to see that moment. They will create a image that Sandhya provoked him to talk like this. Sandhya says to him that she can able to understand him. Sandhya says to Saravanan that let’s leave this topic. Sandhya assures to him that she will never create bad name to him. Saravanan feels happy for her.

Sandhya asks Saravanan to give the gift to her. He says to her that he forget to buy the gift for her in tension! He starts to do sit up as punishment. Sandhya is teasing him. Saravanan makes fun of her. Both are having fun time. Saravanan and Sandhya are going for shopping. Saravanan calls Sandhya to accompany him to ‘Ambasamuthram’. Saravanan takes Sandhya to ladies store. He asks her to buy which bangle she likes. She is teasing him. Saravanan is choosing bangles for Sandhya. He is admiring her. Sandhya is watching Saravanan’s arguement with the sales man. She asks him to teach her how to talk like this to sales person?

Sakkarai is dancing in sweets stall. Saravanan and Sandhya reaches there. Ice cream vehicle comes there. Sandhya asks Sakkarai to buy ice cream for him. Sakkarai puts all waste on road. Sandhya scolds him for it. She asks him to put it on dustbin. Saravanan appreciates her thoughts. Sandhya narrates him what will happen if rain come? It will create new disease everywhere. Saravanan is listening to her. Sandhya notices Sivagami is tying flower with thread. She says to Sivagami that she knew how to do it. She sits with Sivagami to help her. Parvathy comes there after buying vegetables from market. Sivagami scolds Parvathy for buying dirty vegetables. She is scolding her for wasting the money. She finds that carry bag has whole. She points it out and goes in. Parvathy wishes to give work to Sandhya. Sivagami asks Parvathy to sticth the carry bag. Sivagami asks Sandhya to pin flowers in her hair. Married woman will look good with flowers. Sandhya feels happy to hear it.

Episode end.