Raja Rani 8th February 2021 Written Update: Sandhya pleads to Shivagami

Raja Rani 8th February 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today episode starts with Saravana entering into his house to witness Sandhya is crying holding the newspapers. Seeing him there Sandhya rushes towards him and appologize to him for her mistakes. He replies to her that she didn’t done a small mistake. Sandhya tells him that she can understands his pain. Saravana replies to her that she can’t ever understand his pain and his mom’s sufferings.

Sandhya cries and says to him that she didn’t intentionally hides it from him. Her brother wanna go to America so he rushed her marriage and gave her hands to him lying about her education and household works. Saravana questions her if her brother bretrayed her its acceptable but why don’t she informs to all here that she was educated one. Sandhya tells him that she tried a lot to confront his mom but something made her stopped all times.

Saravan accuses her that she can spend 10 minutes to shares it with all but she didn’t its her mistakes. Sandhya appologize to him. Saravana says to her that his mom used to don’t praise anyone but she did it to Sandhya. He can understands how much its pained her. Saravanan questions her did she ever lied to her mom? She nods negatively. He complaints if she see his mom in that way she never do such things. He added that he understands that something is bothering her that’s why he used to asks her to share her thoughts with him. He never lies to her till the moment but she did. Sandhya cries seeing him.

Archana notices Saravana and invites everyone to the hall. Shivagami questions him Is he has any idea what’s going on here? He replies to her that he learnt from newspaper. Shivagami informs to him that her result came on newspaper but she complained on her that’s didn’t. Shivagami accuses that Sandhya gave complaint on her. Sandhya deny it and asking Saravanan to trust her. Shivagami says that she trusted her once not anymore. She has zero knowledge in cooking and she is educated one though she hides it and lied to everyone. This is reflecting her character. Sandhya appologizing to her and begging her to believe her.

Shivagami asks Saravanan to call Sandhya’s brother but he deny it. Shivagami calls to him and lashes out at him for Sandhya’s mistakes. He appologizes to her and trying to explain her that Sandhya is innocent. Shivagami complaint that she searched for an uneducated one for her son because she wish to see none teasing her son comparing his wife’s education with him. But they betrayed her.

Janani tries to convince her. Sandhya’s brother pleads Shivagami to forgive her and asks her to give the phone to Saravanan. He says to Saravanan that he took an selfish decision in Sandhya’s life. The way how he lied to Saravanan’s family that she is uneducated same way he lied to Sandhya that Saravanan is educated. Sandhya agrees to marry him for it but he never thought that he ruined Sandhya life for his selfishness. Saravanan staring Sandhya emotionally.

Episode end.