Raja Rani 9th April 2021 Written Update: Saravanan hides his injury from Sandhya

Raja Rani 9th April 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Sandhya is checking the carry bag. She wishes to do good embroider to this and gift to Sivagami. She doubts whether Sivagami likes it or not? Mayil informs to Sandhya that good clothes are selling out. Sandhya refuses to go with her. She asks Mayil to give necessary items to stich this. Mayil says to Sandhya we have lot’s of carry bag here what’s the needs to stitch it? Sandhya says to her that it’s a exam to her. She is going to gift this carry bag to Sivagami. Mayil appreciates her and leaves. Sakkarai drops down the vessel on Saravanan’s leg. He moans in pain. He stops Sakkarai from informing this incident to his family. He about to throw the waste outside Sakkarai stops him. Parvathy comes there and questions him why did he limping? He says as nothing. Vicky and his friend comes there to see Parvathy. She feels happy to see him there. Saravanan asks Parvathy to visit stall often. Sakkarai notices Vicky and Parvathy’s eyelock. Vicky’s friend teases him.

Sundaram says to Sivagami that he dreamed his mother. He wishes to meet her. Sivagami asks him to go and meet her. Mayil comes there, Sivagami asks her to wash all clothes. Saravanan comes there limping with wounded leg. Sivagami gets shock to see him in that state. She scolds him for being careless. Sivagami tries to clean his wound. Saravanan stops her and says that she don’t like Sivagami touching his feet. Sivagami asks Saravanan to give this work to Sandhya. If she do it then her head weight will be over. Sundaram dislikes Sivagami’s intention.

Sandhya wishes to stitch the carry bag well and gift to Sivagami. She wants to see Sivagami is praising her. Sandhya thinks that she wishes to become a IPS and rule this city but now she is stitching the carry bag. Saravanan comes there. Sandhya wishes to hide this matter from him. She wants to surprise him later. He questiond her what is she searching for? She lies to him as Book. Saravanan helps her to search for it. Saravanan says to Sandhya that he reminds past of them. When did she misunderstand him as educated one. Sandhya asks him to leave this matter. Saravanan hesitate to inform about his injury to her. Saravanan thinks he is not comfortable to ask Sandhya to help him. If he says it she will definitely help him but he wishes to see her notice it by herself. Saravanan notices the flower there. He asks her where did she buy it? She informs to him that she tied it. He praises her talent. Saravanan goes to fresh up. Sandhya arranges his bed for him. Sandhya lies to him that she is feeling sleepy. Saravanan hides the injury matter from her and lays down. Sandhya starts stitching the bag. Saravanan notices it and stays silent.

Mayil asks Sivagami what to cook today? Mayil gives menu to her. Sivagami teases her. Sivagami dashes with Senthil. He drops it down. Sivagami asks Senthil to use carry bag. He says to her that he can’t find anything inside. Sivagami asks Parvathy to bring the stitched carry bag? Parvathy hesitate to say her that she didn’t stitched it. Sundaram tells her that she may didn’t stitched it. Parvathy gets nervous thinking about it. She enquires to Mayil about it. She says to her that she has no idea about it. Sivagami complaints that Parvathy has no responsibility. Sandhya is admiring the carry bag. She wishes to gift this to Sivagami.

Sandhya wishes to ask Saravanan opinion first. Sandhya is practicing how to gift this to Sivagami? She is thinking many ways to approach her. Later she thinks she can gift this to her while buying vegetables. She notices the first aid kit there. She doubts whom bring it here?

Episode end.