Raja Rani 9th February 2021 Written Update: Sandhya to leave the house

Raja Rani 9th February 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Saravanan listening to Sandhya’s brother. He informs to him that Sandhya is innocent he lied to her, so don’t kick her out of the house. He added that Sandhya has no intention to cheat Saravanan’s family. Shivagami snatches the phone from Saravanan and says to Sandhya’s brother that Saravanan listening all to him in silent, it doesn’t mean he agrees with all. She don’t wanna hear anything just takes this Sandhya from her house by saying she disconnect the call.

Janani starts crying and says to her husband that she already warned him to don’t lie to them, see now Sandhya life is over. Sandhya appologizing to Shivagami. She replies to her that she never see someone lying to their family like Sandhya. Mayil said to her that Sandhya looks like educated one but she deny it and said if Sandhya is educated then she will definitely informs it to her. She trusted Sandhya a lot but she betrayed her.

Aadhi says to her that Sandhya’s brother needs time to come here because of visa issues. Nearly its takes 20 days atleast to reach here. Shivagami replies that she can’t allow her to stays here till then. Her husband asks her to think once again? She replies it’s her decision. Media peoples rushes inside the house and torturing Sandhya with their questions? Sandhya is not replying to them.

Media people’s asks to Sandhya how comes she scored this high rank even after her marriage? Who is behind her success? Shivagami stops the people and says to them that she gonna kick her out of this house for lying to them. Shivagami narrates to the media people that Sandhya lied to them as uneducated and entered into their life its unacceptable. Sandhya pleads to Shivagami to stop doing this all. Shivagami insults her infront of media and sends away the media people.

Shivagami says that not even 3 months are completed after their marriage but police came first , Sandhya name came on newspaper and now media. She can’t able to bear this all anymore. She asks Mayil to bring Sandhya’s luggage. She asks Paaru to bring her jewels. Sandhya questions her where will she go? Shivagami replies its not a matter to her. She asks Sandhya to give written statement that she entered into this house lying. They didn’t torture her. Sandhya gives it to her as she told. Shivagami gives money to her and says that she has no rights to stays in this house anymore. She is none to Saravanan. Both are looking each other sadly.

Episode end.