Raja Rani: Abdul to act strange

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Vijay TV’s popular show Raja Rani serials never fails to entertain it’s audience. Now serial focuses on Sandhya joined in her IPS training. Sandhya to grow suspicious

In the previous episode we saw; Gauri shared with trainers they might listen to her orders. They shouldn’t break the rules like Sandhya. Sandhya explained her situation to her. Gauri demanded her to shoot the target without missing or else she will punish her.

Sandhya finished that task without missing a shot. Gauri applause for her. Meanwhile, Selvam planned to kidnap Gauri from the camp and share their demands to government. He alert them to stay away from Sandhya she is pretty smart.

Later, Gauri alerted the trainers about terrorist. Sivagami warned Senthil and Saravanan to don’t bring the election discussion inside the house.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Sandhya will hear some sound and goes to check it. She will find a note there. Abdul will question her what’s she doing alone there? She will manage the situation. Gauri will question them what are they doing? Abdul will narrate the situation to her.

Later, Archana will hear that Kavita’s baby was sick. She took baby to hospital. Archana will worry about her daughter and cries. Sivagami will console her. Later, Abdul will meet Sandhya and thank her for supported him.

Chetta will inform Sandhya that he suspect Abdul as secret agent. Sandhya will grow suspicious. Later, Gauri will give a postmartem report to trainers to check their knowledge. Sandhya will find the reason of death correct there surprising everyone.

What will happen next? Will Sandhya become a IPS? When will Archana’s truth come out?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more update