Raja Rani: Archana frame Sandhya as the culprit

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Vijay tv fame Raja Rani serial successfully completed the first season of it . Now they launched the new season of it . As expected its doing well and maintaining the good response from audience. Second season revolves around Sandhya and Saravanan love story. Sandhya is an educated person her wish is to become an IPS officer but Saravanan who is uneducated a simple sweet stall owner. Circumstances bring Sandhya to Saravanan life. Sandhya starts her loveless life with Saravanan hiding her education details from his family.

This story revolves around How Sandhya tackling the situation in Saravanan house. How Saravanan helpling Sandhya in small small things. Will Sandhya become an IPS officer with the help of Saravan in an story.

In the latest episode Sandhya preparing for lunch. Her father in law reading newspaper. Sandhya result is there but before he seeing it unexpectedly Mayil poures water on it. Saravanan asking to random people to help him read the news paper for him and learn the truth that Sandhya is university rank holder. He doubts why did she hide it from him. Sandhya wish to confess all truth to Saravanan first. Shivagami lashes out at Sandhya for making kitchen into a mess. Sandhya reveals to her that she don’t know cooking.

In the upcoming episode Saravanan ask the students to read the newspapar and inform to him what’s written on it? They informs to him that she is university rank holder. Parvathy informs its to Shivagami. Sandhya accept it but Archana lies that Sandhya complaint on Shivagami in police station.

What will happen in next episode? Will Sandhya confess this to Shivagami? Upcoming episode will answer to our all question stay tuned with our page.