Raja Rani: Archana to plot against Saravanan

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Vijay TV’s popular show Raja Rani serials never fails to entertain it’s audience. Now serial focuses on Sandhya joined in her IPS training. Archana gets caught

In the previous episode we saw; Merchant union members informed Saravanan about Paranthaman’s new plan. They adviced Saravanan to talk with Senthil about it. He was supporting that Paranthaman unaware of his intention. Saravanan assured to talk with Senthil.

Later, Paranthaman met Archana and demanded her to help him place the expired oil in Saravanan’s sweet Shop. Archana hesitated to help him but later change her mind. Meanwhile, Saravanan advised Senthil to stop supporting Paranthaman but he didn’t give heed to him.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Senthil will complaint to Saravana that he is jealous on him. He will demand Saravanan to withdraw his nomination.

Saravanan will refuse to withdraw his nomination. Meanwhile, Archana will place the expired oil in store room. She will pray God to help her this time. Saravanan might take this oil with him.

Later, Archana and Senthil will meet the priest. He will reveal to Saravanan that Archana gave birth to baby girl. Senthil will argue with him and leave. Later, Saravanan will take the expired oil and about to leave. He was hurt. Sivagami will feel something is wrong.

What will happen next?

Will Sandhya become a IPS? When will Archana’s truth come out?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more update