Raja Rani: Saravana to ignore Sandhya!

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Vijay tv fame” Raja Rani” launched it’s season2 with different plot. This show never failed to engage the audience with its gripping storyline. Earlier we saw that Saravana Ignored Sandhya. Now viewers will see that Sandhya to apologise with Saravana

In Today’s episode we see; Sivagami complaints to Ravi he is disturbing everyone’s sleep at night. Ravi complaints her back that this sound is nothing in front of her voice. She used to talk rude to all not understanding anyone’s feeling. Sivgami says to him that she don’t know to hide anything she is a straight forward person. Ravi complaints its not a wrong thing but she should know where to talk or not! If she don’t like Mani she can show it to him directly what’s the need to scold Sandhya. Sivagami complaints to him that morning Saravana scolds her now he. Ravi advises to her. Sivagami reveals to him that Saravana is not well he has hiding something from all. Even he is not talking with Sandhya properly. Sandhya waits for Saravana long and comes out to search for him. Mayil comes there and notice her. Sandhya meets Saravana in sweet stall and confronts him. She apologies to him for her mistakes but he lashes out at her.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Ravi will learn from Mayil that Saravana didn’t came to home yesterday night. Ravi will advises to Saravana and ask him to behave well with Sandhya. He will ask him to solve his issues with Sandhya. Sandhya will take effort to know what’s in Saravana’s heart but fails. Saravana will sleep on mat. Sandhya will create noise to get his attention. Saravana will lashes out at her and sleep. Sandhya will think to find out the truth.

What will happen next? Will Sandhya find out what’s in Saravana’s mind? Will Sandhya solve her issues with him? When will Saravana learn the truth?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates.