Raja Rani: Saravanan and Sandhya to play a drama

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WhatsApp Image 2021 04 12 at 17.05.53

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Vijay tv fame” Raja Rani” launched its season2 with a different plot. This show never failed to engage the audience with its gripping storyline. Earlier we saw that Sivagami said Saravanan to ask Sandhya to first aid to his wound. Now it’s will be seen that Saravanan and Sandhya going to play a drama to change Sivagami.

In the previous episode we saw; Sandhya wished to gift the embroider carry bag to Sivagami. She asked Mayil to give the necessary items to stitch the carry bag. Sakkarai dropped down the vessels on Saravanan’s leg without notice. Saravanan’s leg got wounded. Sundaram shared to Sivagami that he wished to meet his mom. Saravanan came there with a wounded leg. He stopped Sivagami from touching his feet. Sivagami asked Sandhya to do his first aid. Sandhya pretended to sleep stitch the carry bag. Saravanan hid the truth from her. He noticed her stitching something. Sivagami noticed Senthil carrying many items in hand. Sivagami asked Parvathy to bring the Carry bag. She lashed out at her for not stitching it. Sandhya completed her work. She wished to ask Saravanan’s opinion too.

In Today’s episode, we see; Adhi advising Parvathy don’t take responsibility for the work she can’t able to do. Sivagami lashes out at Parvathy for not stitching the carry bag. Sundaram also complaints that Parvathy is careless. Senthil asks Adhi to take care of textiles for two hours. He refuses to do it. Saravanan comes there to take flour. Mayil notices his wounds. Sivagami questions Saravanan didn’t inform Sandhya about his wound? Parvathy provokes Sivagami against Sandhya by saying she may refuse to help him. Sivagami agrees with it. Sandhya comes there. Sivagami lashes out at her. Sandhya does his first aid. Saravanan is admiring her. Sandhya gift the embroidered carry bag to her. Sivagami didn’t praise her and leaves. Sakkarai brings the dustbin there. Parvathy notices it. Sandhya asks Parvathy to put waste in the dustbin. Parvathy uses this situation against Sandhya. She provokes Sivagami. Sivagami lashes out at Sandhya for taking decisions on her own.

In the upcoming episode, we will be seen; Sivagami will complain to Sundaram that Sandhya taking decisions in her own. Sundaram will support Sandhya’s thoughts. Sivagami will say that she might continue it in the future. Saravanan and Sandhya gonna play a drama that will share a message to all. People might throw waste in the dustbin. Sivagami will understand it and put waste in the dustbin. Will sivagami understand Sandhya too?

What will happen next? Will Sandhya find out Paaru’s secret love for Vicky? When will Sivagami go to accept Sandhya as her daughter-in-law? The upcoming episode will answer our all questions.
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