Raja Rani: Sivagami lashes out at Sandhya

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Vijay tv fame” Raja Rani” launched it’s season2 with different plot. This show is concentrating on Parvathy’s marriage track. Earlier we saw that Saravanan spend time with Sandhya. Now viewers will see Sandhya apologies to Sivagami.

In the previous episode we saw;Ravi and Sivagami got happy to think about Saravana brought a new bike. Sivagami gave the credit to Sandhya. Ravi dreamt like he is riding the bike taking Sivagami behind. Sandhya took Saravana out to teach him ride the bike. Sandhya learnt that Saravana feel awkward if someone touch his waist. Parvathy called to Bhaskar and learnt from him Vicky gave 5 lakhs to him. Sandhya touched Saravana’s waist he shouted loudly. He managed to lie all. Later Sandhya shared it with Sivagami.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Sandhya will teach Saravana to ride the bike. Sivagami will notice it. She will get angry to see Sandhya beating Saravana. Sivagami will reach to home and create ruckus there. Sandhya will try to explain her but she lashes out at her. Adhi will share to Senthil that he didn’t expected Sandhya will win in this challenge. He will tease Saravana and say he won’t get licence. Adhi will tell them that he didn’t expected Sandhya know to ride gear bike. Saravana will explain to Sivagami and take her out for a ride.

What will happen next? Will Saravana get licence? Will Sandhya win in her challenge?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates.