Raja Rani: Sivagami will get surprised to see Sandhya’s act!

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Vijay tv fame” Raja Rani” launched its season2 with a different plot. This show never failed to engage the audience with its gripping storyline. Earlier we saw that Saravana was disappointed with Sandhya. Now viewers will see that Sandhya will take a bold step against corruption!

In the previous episode we saw; Sandhya asked Saravana to wear the shirt she chose for him but he refused to wear it. Sandhya asked him to choose an educated one for Parvathy. Saravana talked with her in sarcasm and left. Sandhya was surprised to saw food inspector visited Saravana house and gave the sweets list to her. Sandhya argued with him for asking bribe. He threatened her and left. Sandhya informed this to Saravana but he argued with her for talking against him. Sandhya asked him to listen to her.

In the upcoming episode, viewers will see; Food inspector will seal Saravana’s sweet stall. Saravana and his family will come there and argue with him. The food inspector will threaten Saravana that his wife looked down on him that’s why he is doing like this to prove to everyone what will happen if they oppose him. Sandhya will tell him he was doing this all for a bribe. Inspector will question her what will she do? Food inspection officers will come there and blame the inspector for getting bribes from all by showing the video to all. They will remove the seal of Saravana’s sweet stall. Saravana will thank the officer but he will ask him to say thank to his wife.

What will happen next? Will Saravana thank Sandhya? Will Sivgami appreciate Sandhya’s bold act? What will be her next move?

The upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tuned with our space for more updates.