Rajini Anbe Shivam: Anitha to slap Rajini after learn her relationship with Parthiban!

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Rajini and Anbe Shivam are super hit shows of Zee Tamil. To entertain the audience both shows brings Super sangamam. Now story focusing on both Rajini to confess the truth to Anitha!

In previous episode we saw; Tiger and Justice played cards with Parthiban and his brother in law. They were pulling each other leg. Radhika and Murali were planned to separate Rajini from Parthiban to take revenge on her. Murali sent a message to Parthiban from Rajini’s mobile. He asked Parthi to meet her at night in forest area. Parthi agreed to it unaware of the consequence. Murali and Radhika were on cloud nine. They decided to ruin his prestige.

Later Parthiban went to there and talked with her thinking Rajini but she was someone else. She accused him in front of all that he misbehaved with her. They took him to panchayath. He refused to narrate the incident. Shivam came for his rescue and proved hia innocence in front of all. Rajini accepted Parthi’s love.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Selvi will secretly arrange Divya and Anand marriage. Anand will marry Divya. Anbu will find out Bhaskhar kidnapped Iniya. She will shoot him to save Iniya. Later Anitha will confront Rajini. She will accept that she love Parthiban. She will slap her and take him from there.

What will happen next? Will Anitha unite Rajini with Parthiban? When will Rajini live her own life?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates.