Rajini: Aravindh to give surprise gift to both Rajini and Parthiban

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Zee Tamil popular show Rajini has unique story line. This show is about Rajini’s selfless sacrifice for her family. Now serial focusing on Rajini’s request to Parthiban


In the previous episode we saw; Shankari refused to give coffee to Parthiban. Ranjitham demanded her to treat him well. Rajini came there. Parthiban asked her to prepare coffee for him. Radhika got frustrated seeing them close. Rajini requested Parthiban to search a new job to repay his debt. Parthiban assured to her.

Later, Rajini noticed her nuptial chain missing. Ranjitham fear that something bad will happen to Parthiban. Parthiban lied to Rajini that he met with an accident. Rajini rushed to meet him. Parthiban revealed to her it’s just a prank. Rajini scold him.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Ranjitham will decide to perform Thaali perukku function for Rajini and Parthiban. Radhika will demand Parthiban to buy a 15 sovereign gold chain for Rajini. He will assure her to do it. Parthiban will tie the nuptial chain again on Rajini.

Later, Shankari will give the interest money to Rajini. She will get it without remembering she closed it. She will try to repay it to her. But Parthiban will suggest her that save it for her baby and inform it to Kuberan. Later, Radhika will provoke Shankari against Rajini. Arvind to give a surprise to Rajini and Parthiban

What will happen next? Will Rajini forgive Parthiban? When will Rajini accept Parthiban?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates.