Rajini: Kamala disappointed with Rajini

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Zee Tamil popular show Rajini has unique story line. This show is about Rajini’s selfless sacrifice for her family. Now serial focusing on Rajini to lashes out at Parthiban

In the previous episode we saw; Nurse informed to Rajini and Parthiban that Raghavi got concious. Her parents misundertood Parthiban’s intention there. Rajini stood for him. Unexpectedly Raghavi slip into coma again. They accused Rajini and Parthiban for it again.

Later Anitha heard her parents were discussing about good Muhurth. They enquired her whata going on? Kamala said to her Annachi was a third person though he arranged reception for her son and Rajini. It’s their rights to perform all the rituals after marriage.

Anitha argued with her but she was not giving heed to her. Later Anitha called Radhika and informed this to her. Radhika doubted her intentions though she plotted against Rajini.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see: Radhika will intentionally pushes the tea glass down. She will demand Parthiban to clean it. Radhika will notice Kamala there. Kamala will get shock to see her son working like that. She lashes out at Rajini for torturing her son like that.

Rajini will get furious and lashes out at Parthiban. She will demand him to leave the house. Singamuthu will record it in his phone to submit evidence against Rajini in court.

What will happen next? Will Rajini unite with Parthiban? Will Radhika create any problems to Rajini?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates.