Rajini: Murali to plot against Aravindh

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Rajini is a newly launched show in Zee Tamil. This story is about Rajini whom selflessly doing everything for her family. Rajini is a strict person in her family and leading that family well in her father’s place.

In Today’s episode we see; Rajini families are decorating house for pongal celebration. Rajini’s mom scolds Murali to help his brother in law to decorate the house. Divya asks Rajini to give pose for selfie. She denies it and expects Aravindh to reach there. Tharun notices Aravindh coming there and alerts everyone in the family. Radhika rushes near him and take him into hug disappointing Rajini. Radhika shares her happiness with him for came to the house. Everyone starts celebrating the pongal there. Radhika and Aravindh put rice in the pot. Tharun asks to Rajini why are they celebrating the Pongal function? She narrates the explanation to him. Milk is not overflowing at all. Aravindh asks Rajini to pour more milk in it. After she added milk it starts overflowing there. He feels happy to see it.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Aravindh will try to leave the house but Radhika ask him to eat pongal with her. Rajini’s mom will notice the similarities between Rajini and Aravindh and think she took wrong decision it seems. They will play musical chair there. Rajini will give up for Radhika which she dislike it and ask her to play honestly. Radhika will wish to see Aravindh phone but he ask her to give personal space to him. Murali will provoke her against him and try to open the phone. Rajini will smack the phone and lash out at them.

What will happen next? Will Murali find out Aravindh loves Rajini? Will Radhika stop this marriage?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates.