Rajjo 14th January 2023 Written Update: Guruma comes up with a malicious plan 

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The episode starts with Arjun declaring to Guruma  that he won’t let them harm Rajjo till he is alive. He warns her to stop her plotting against Rajjo. He hangs the call. Madhu scolds Arjun for talking like that with Guruma. Arjun says to Madhu that he won’t let her harm Rajjo and asks Guruma to make this understand. He says that if he does so, it will be an insult to her. Arjun confronts Madhu about pretending to be ill. He asks her to stop her drama. Madhu asks if he will talk to her in a high tone with her because of Rajjo. Arjun says that he will talk to her like that because she’s wrong. He threatens Madhu that she will see him dead if she doesn’t stop her planning. He leaves while Madhu angrily looks on. 

Pushkar refuses to accept Manorama as a coach. He denigrates Manorama. He says that she needs to have some coaching experience and, moreover, there’s a standard to become a coach in his academy which she doesn’t have. Rajjo defends Manorama. She says that Manorama knows better than anyone about her strength and weakness and she has the experience of guiding her on the right path since her childhood. She says that she won a medal in a state level competition and asks the other coaches to check on the internet about Manorama. Rajjo says that Manorama was a good runner, but suddenly she stopped running. Rajjo refuses to ask her the reason. She says that it’s her story and it’s up to her if she wants to say it or not. Manorama recalls how Pushkar insulted her and threw her out of the academy. The coaches discuss that he heard about her and there was a buzz when she stopped running because of a boy. Pushkar grows anxious to hear this. Rajjo says that her mom returned to the field after a lot of years to fulfill her dream, so there couldn’t be any better coach than her mom and she’s the best player in her point of view. People clap for Rajjo and Manorama. Pushkar stops them. He refuses to accept Manorama as coach. Manorama asks why he can’t become a coach. She repeats Rajjo’s words and says that she can become a coach here, as per the academy rules, she doesn’t need to be his favorite for that. Manorama says that Pushkar’s silence proves that she’s right, so she can freely become her coach and guide her. Pushkar angrily walks from there. He hears people talking about the reason for which Manorama left running and grows anxious. 

Rajjo happily hugs Manorama. Manorama and Rajjo congratulate each other. Manorama promises Rajjo to make her the best runner. Rajjo says that no one can defeat her when she’s with her. On the other hand, Jhilmil meets Guruma outside the house as Arjun prohibited Guruma from entering the house. They hide on seeing Arjun. Chirag notices Jhilmil with Guruma and wonders what they’re doing together. After Arjun drives off, Guruma gives a bottle to Jhilmil. 

After Rajjo’s hard practice, Rajjo and Manorama have a talk. Rajjo says that she can’t believe that Manorama, who always prohibited her from running, became her coach now. She says that they have reached so far after struggling a lot. Manorama gives credit to Rajjo’s hard work. Manorama regrets stopping Rajjo from running and apologizes to her. She says that she was scared, but she gets courage to see her determination and says that she will not let her fear become an obstacle to her dream.

Arjun records the video of Rajjo laughing, talking with Manorama. Arjun says that Rajjo is happy when she’s away from him. He says that she doesn’t believe in Guruma’s superstition, but Guruma can do anything to prove herself right. He refuses to risk Rajjo’s life. He says that Rajjo would have done the same in his place. Rajjo senses Arjun’s presence due to his perfume’s smell. Rajjo looks around and notices Arjun. Arjun pretends that his car is broken down. Rajjo goes to Arjun. She says that, nowadays, she isn’t able to believe in whatever Arjun says as he lies most of the time. She says that Arjun wants to go away from her for some reason which he refuses to tell her and lets her suffer alone. She says that her heart broke as she has feelings for him. Arjun thinks that he also has feelings for her, but he can’t tell this. Rajjo says that she tried to understand him and his behavior. She misunderstood that he also loved her, seeing his care for her. She reminds Arjun that he wanted to see her become independent and asks him to let her become independent. Arjun says that he didn’t stop her. Rajjo says that she knows why he has come here. Rajjo asks Arjun to stop worrying about her. She says that she can do everything alone. She doesn’t need his help. She asks him not to stay angry. She says that he is very nice and asks him not to change himself for anyone, including her. 

Jhilmil gives the bottle given by Guruma to Madhu. At the academy, Rajjo learns that Arjun came to the academy for her on the pretext of meeting Pushkar and wonders why his behavior has changed all of a sudden. 

The episode ends. 

Precap: Rajjo faints in the washroom. Arjun gets worried for Rajjo. He tries to open the door, but finds it locked. Rajjo asks Arjun why he saved her. Arjun says that he can do anything to keep her away from him. Rajjo scolds him and walks away.

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