Rajjo 15th September 2022 Written Update: Arjun senses that Rajjo is in danger

Rajjo 15th September 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Arjun preparing for the puja. Suman reminds him that Madhu is already angry with him, so he can’t afford to commit another mistake. At the hostel, Rajjo is waiting for Arjun’s call and hopes that he will give an update about his mom. At Puskar’s house, Manorama says to Kavita that she will pray to the Goddess to find Rajjo by going to Jagrata.

Kavita states that her husband will get angry if she doesn’t finish her household work before leaving. She asks Manorama to open the family portrait and to hang it on the wall. Manorama obliges. Kavita calls out to Manorama before the latter can see Puskar in the family portrait. Pushkar messages the warden to message him once she gets rid of Rajjo. Meanwhile, Arjun is worried about Rajjo. Suddenly the weather got bad. Arjun feels like even God turned against Rajjo.

At the hotel, Rajjo prays to the Goddess to help to find her mom. She sees a bowl which contains a red-colored liquid. She applies Alta on her feet using it. On the other hand, Arjun applies Alta on Madhu’s feet. Madhu praises Arjun and taunts Chirag indirectly. Arjun tries to make Madhu understand that his relationship with Rajjo is pure, she is just his responsibility and he should fulfill it. However, Madhu prohibits Arjun from meeting Rajjo and asks him to stop worrying about Rajjo as she’s safe in the hostel.

Rajjo hears a girl’s muffling sound coming from the locked room. She notifies the same to the warden. The warden denies it and sends Rajjo to her room. Just then, Arjun calls the warden and scolds her for no one receiving the call at the reception. The warden gives him some excuses and assures him that Rajjo has adjusted to the hostel.

Arjun refuses to believe her and asks her to make Rajjo talk to him on the video call. The warden agrees, so that Arjun doesn’t get there to see Rajjo and spoils the plan. The warden tells Rajjo that Arjun is on call. Rajjo is overjoyed and runs to her. Before Rajjo can speak to Arjun, Madhu snatches Arjun’s phone and disconnects the call. There, Rajjo becomes sad that Arjun’s call is disconnected.

Pushkar’s family gets ready to leave for the jagrata. Kavita says that their maid is coming with them to serve the guests in the jagrata. Pushkar agrees and Manorama sits in the backseat of the jeep. Meanwhile, Thakurs are taking part in Goddess Jagrata. Arjun’s thoughts are filled with Rajjo. Pushkar’s family and Manorama reach there. Manorama prays to the Goddess for Rajjo’s safety. At the hostel, the warden lies to Rajjo that Arjun has called her on the landline and sends Rajjo to a dark room. Rajjo wonders why there’s no light in the room.

Suddenly, lights come. Rajjo is shocked to see the hospital arrangements there. At the Thakurs’ house, Arjun phones the warden and finds her phone switched off. He gets suspicious. There, Rajjo is shocked when two men enter the room. One of them catches Rajjo, the other tries to inject Rajjo with a sedative. Here, Arjun prays to the Goddess to give him a sign that Rajjo is fine. There Rajjo kicks the man and runs out of the room, locking it. Arjun phones the hostel. Madhu catches Arjun and scolds him. Arjun says that Madhu is wrong this time while he is right.

Madhu asks Arjun to sit silently with Urvashi in the puja. There, Rajjo breaks a pot on the warden’s head. She reaches the reception. The landline rings. She tries to receive the call. The man catches Rajjo. Rajjo shouts for help. The man takes Rajjo to the room to remove her organs from the body.

The episode ends.

Precap: Arjun brings an unconscious Rajjo home. The family questions Arjun about the same. He ignores their questions and takes her upstairs. Manorama finds Rajjo’s scarf and smiles. Pushkar angrily sees Arjun taking Rajjo to his room.

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