Rajjo 16th September 2022 Written Update: Pushkar and Manorama come face to face

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The episode starts with the goon searching for the equipment to operate Rajjo. Just then, Arjun arrives at the hostel. A FB shows. Rajjo moved the phone receiver before getting caught by the goon and Arjun heard Rajjo’s shout for help before Madhu snatched his phone away. Arjun ran out of the house. Here the goon finds the equipment. He starts to operate Rajjo.

The warden asks the goon to hurry up. She says that Pushkar asked only to make Rajjo disappear, but he doesn’t how they’re doing it. Arjun doesn’t find Rajjo in her room. He is looking for Rajjo and reaches that room. Meanwhile, Madhu notices that Arjun is missing. She shouts Arjun, alerting the whole family. Here, Arjun angrily scolds the warden and kicks a box at her. He then trashes the goon. There, Madhu asks where Arjun is and hopes that he isn’t with Rajjo.

Some family members go to check the whole house to find him. They come back and say that Arjun isn’t at home. Urvashi reminds Madhu that he promised not to leave the house and asks if he started to break promises too. Madhu says that Arjun left home after the diya had been lightened and says that it’s a bad omen. Kalindi advises Urvashi to handle her soon-to-be husband and her relationship with him.

Pratap asks to call Arjun. Madhu says that Arjun left his phone at home. She is sure that Arjun has gone to meet that girl. She coughs before she can pronounce Rajjo’s name. Manorama gives Madhu a glass of water. Kavita says that she’s her new maid. Manorama says that he should have important work to do which is more important than puja, so he left the puja. She apologizes to Madhu and leaves.

Arjun beats the goon till the goon faints. Arjun looks at an unconscious Rajjo and her bleeding cut on her stomach and feels guilty for leaving her alone. On the other hand, the family wonders where Arjun has gone. Madhu says that Arjun went after that girl, Rajjo. Manorama hears Rajjo’s name and wonders if they are talking about her daughter, Rajjo. She prays to God for Rajjo. Pushkar is scared of Arjun spoiling his plan.

Chirag does Goddess’ aarti. The family joins the puja. Madhu fumes in anger. Chirag prays to the Goddess for Arjun. Manorama wonders whom to ask to confirm if they aren’t talking about her daughter, Rajjo. Here Arjun puts his kerchief on the cut to stop the bleeding. He lifts Rajjo in his arms and leaves from there. The other hostel residents help Arjun by giving him Rajjo’s belongings. There, Manorama tries to ask Kavita about Rajjo. But she says to Manorama to look after the puja work first.

Arjun returns home, taking Rajjo. He asks Chirag to call the doctor immediately as Rajjo is bleeding. Chirag obliges. Madhu questions Arjun and asks him to keep Rajjo downstairs. Arjun ignores Madhu and takes Rajjo upstairs. Rajjo’s scarf falls. The family is surprised that Arjun ignored Madhu.

Kalindi says that Rajjo and Arjun have some connection from their previous birth, so they come closer the more they try to separate them. She wants to go upstairs to check. Chirag stops her. Manorama finds Rajjo’s scarf and smiles. Pratal tries to make Madhu understand that Rajjo is really in a bad condition. Urvashi argues with Pratap about Arjun taking another girl to his room. Manorama sees Arjun taking Rajjo to his room. Chirag says that Urvashi is wrong. Madhu shuts Chirag up. Pushkar angrily sees Arjun taking Rajjo to his room.

Manorama and Pushkar rush to climb the steps to reach Arjun’s room. They bump. Manorama and Pushkar are shocked to see each other. Pushkar sees that the family is busy discussing. Urvashi wants to rethink about her marriage with Arjun. Madhu refuses and says that she has chosen Urvashi for Arjun as she’s as rich as they are and she is perfect for Arjun. She adds that Arjun also likes her, so he agreed to marry her. She firmly says that Urvashi will be Arjun’s wife and her daughter-in-law. Pushkar drags Manorama aside.

Arjun places an unconscious Rajjo on his bed. He checks her wound. He apologizes to her and assures her that the doctor is on the way.

The episode ends.

Precap: Arjun says to Rajjo that her mom is found. Rajjo runs behind a car in which her mom is traveling. She shouts mom. Manorama sees Rajjo. Monorama and Rajjo share an emotional hug. Rajjo seeks Pushkar’s help to find a job in Lucknow. Pushkar and Madhu fume in anger. Manorama tells Arjun that Rajjo has to go to the village as her marriage is fixed with Vicky. Madhu shuts the door at Rajjo’s face while Arjun runs towards Rajjo.

The episode starts with Arjun preparing for the puja. Suman reminds him that Madhu is already angry with him, so he can’t afford to commit another mistake. At the hostel, Rajjo is waiting for Arjun’s call and hopes that he will give an update about his mom. At Puskar’s house, Manorama says to Kavita that she will pray to the Goddess to find Rajjo by going to Jagrata.

Kavita states that her husband will get angry if she doesn’t finish her household work before leaving. She asks Manorama to open the family portrait and to hang it on the wall. Manorama obliges. Kavita calls out to Manorama before the latter can see Puskar in the family portrait. Pushkar messages the warden to message him once she gets rid of Rajjo. Meanwhile, Arjun is worried about Rajjo. Suddenly the weather got bad. Arjun feels like even God turned against Rajjo.

At the hotel, Rajjo prays to the Goddess to help to find her mom. She sees a bowl which contains a red-colored liquid. She applies Alta on her feet using it. On the other hand, Arjun applies Alta on Madhu’s feet. Madhu praises Arjun and taunts Chirag indirectly. Arjun tries to make Madhu understand that his relationship with Rajjo is pure, she is just his responsibility and he should fulfill it. However, Madhu prohibits Arjun from meeting Rajjo and asks him to stop worrying about Rajjo as she’s safe in the hostel.

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