Rajjo 29th August 2022 Written Update: Arjun and Urvashi get engaged

Rajjo 29th August 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Urvashi coming downstairs dancing. Arjun joins her and they dance. Later family joins them. Rajjo watches this hiding. She gets emotional seeing Arjun dancing with his mom. She recalls her mom and gets teary eyed. Prathap calls Chirag and Kalindi to give Shagun. Madhu looks unhappy. Arjun signs Madhu to hand them Shagun. Madhu obliges.

Urvashi slides the ring into Arjun’s finger. Arjun hesitates when it’s his turn. He drops the ring. The ring lands near Rajjo who is hiding behind a pillar. Arjun goes to collect it. Rajjo gets scared of getting caught by Arjun. Using her athletic skill. She climbs the pillar and stands on the edge of the pillar. Arjun again feels the strange smell which reminds him of Rajjo. He feels as she is in the house. He picks up the ring and goes back. Dadaji asks Arjun if he got the ring. Arjun nods yes and says that it slided from his hand. Dadaji says that it happens when heart and mind doesn’t agree with each other. Arjun says that both have to listen to him as he is living in a real world. Arjun slides the ring into Urvashi’s finger.

Pushkar spots Rajjo running away and stops her. He thinks that she’s a servant. He says that servant should dance to the owner’s tune and not like the owner. He asks her to go in and do her work. Just then family shouts lights have come. Rajjo runs away using this opportunity. Arjun asks Pushkar what he is doing here. Pushkar tells that he was talking to a servant with dirty clothes. He adds that she didn’t seem as if she’s from there. Arjun denies of having any such servant. Just then Urvashi screams. Arjun goes to Urvashi and asks what happened. Urvashi says that she got 5 lakhs followers on her social media account.

Arjun congratulates her. Urvashi clicks photos with Arjun and the family. Rajjo wishes a happy life for Arjun with his fiancee. Rajjo decides to leave the house, but stops seeing Arjun and Urvashi coming towatds her. She runs from there and gets into Arjun’s room. She wonders why she landed in this room again. She hides under the bed. Urvashi brings Arjun near his room and asks him to give her a kiss. Madhu calls out to Arjun. The latter goes. Urvashi gets irritated. She decides to go somewhere with Arjun to spend time with Arjun alone. He calls someone to get help for the same.

Madhu says to Arjun that she got habit of doing Arjun’s all works and requests him to not snatch away all these from her after his marriage. She cries. She says that love gets divided and a son starts listening to his wife after marriage. She requests him to not make her feel useless after his marriage. Arjun comforts Madhu

Rajjo has fallen asleep under the bed in Arjun’s room. Arjun comes to his room. He gets Urvashi’s call. Urvashi says to Arjun that they should elope somewhere where there’ will be only them. Arjun feels again the same weird smell. He looks in the room from where that smell is coming. He opens a suitcase and is shocked to find Rajjo inside it.

The episode ends.

Precap: Arjun scolds Rajjo. He says that mom is right about labourers being like leeches who sucks their owners blood. Rajjo denies that every labor aren’t like. She apologizes to him. She jumps from the balcony. Arjun shouts Rajjo.

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