Rajjo 30th August 2022 Written Update: Arjun agrees to help Rajjo

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The episode starts with Arjun getting shocked to see Rajjo inside the suitcase and hanging the call with Urvashi. He asks Rajjo what she’s doing in his house. Rajjo tries to comes out of the suitcase. She stumbles and falls over Arjun. They both land on the bed. They share an eye lock for a while. They come to their sense and get up.

Arjun starts scolding Rajko and asks her to get down his bed. Rajjo obliges. Arjun asks how she landed in his suitcase and asks if he brought her. Raajo denies and says that he brought her in his truck. Rajjo asks Arjun to sit first. He obliges. Rajjo narrates to Arjun how she came to Lucknow sitting in truck and landed in his room while trying to escape a Rottweiler.

Arjun is shocked that he didn’t notice all this. Rajjo says that she saw him half naked and her fiance romancing him. She says that she was in the room and tried to leave a lot. She went downstairs and a man with long beard saw her. So she came upstairs again, but her fiance came behind her to kiss him. She assures that she didn’t see them kissing as closed her eyes. She falls asleep like that. Arjun rebukes Rajjo for invading in his personal space. He says that his mom is right to compares workers like Rajjo to leeches who sucks their owners blood.

Rajjo says that her mom is also right about rich people who criticizes their workers despite of all their hard work. She says that not every workers are leeches. She says that she was helpless and wants to reach Lucknow. She even asked his help, but he scolded her, so she was scared that he would send her back if she told her. Rajjo says that she doesn’t have anyone than her mom. She has come to find her mom, not to suck his blood. She apologizes to him if she had done any mistakes. She takes her back. She jumps down the balcony.

Arjun shouts Rajjo and holds her duppata. Rajjo says Arjun to leave her hand. She says thar she’s not trying to commit suicide, she is going down stairs. Arjun asks her to come inside. Rajjo refuses saying that she’s not leech who sucks his blood and feels disgust that he compared her to that. Arjun refuses to let go Rajjo’s hand. He lifts Rajjo and brings inside the room. Rajjo asks why he is stopping her when be has problem with her. Arjun says that it’s not safe for her to go alone in the night. Madhu is coming to Arjun’s room to give him his medicine.

Arjun gets irritated with Rajjo’s talks and asks her to be quiet. Rajjo gets worried about her mom’s safety. She requests Arjun to help her find her mom. Arjun agrees and says that they will find her morning. Rajjo gets happy and praises Arjun. The latter feels flattered. Arjun asks Rajjo to stay in his room for the night, but says that she should make any noice. Chirag stops Madhu near Arjun’s room and says that Arjun took his medicine after dinner. He further says that Madhu won’t believe him and is about to leave.

Madhu says that she used to believe him, but this is the consequences of his acts. They say that they both are unable to tolerate each other. She expresses her hatred for his alcohol addiction and says that Arjun has to pay for it. She says that Chirag didn’t care about Arjun who was with him. He drove in intoxicated state and did the accident. Arjun had to give his kidney to save him. She says that Arjun had come India for his birthday. She says that if hadn’t come, his life would have got ruined. Madhu rebukes Chirag for still consuming alcohol. She walks away. Chirag drinks alcohol and apologizes to Arjun.

Rajjo says to Arjun that his family couldn’t see still now and not even him when she hanged on the wall like a witch. She demonstrates it Arjun asks Rajjo to become human again Arjun now understands that the weird smell is coming from Rajjo. He asks her to take bath. Rajjo puts her duppata on the chair to dry and goes to washroom. Rajjo is amazed to see the modern bathroom. Meanwhile Arjun throws Rajjo’s duppata in the dustbin from the balcony. Arjun gets shocked when Rajjo screams from the bathroom.

The episode ends.

Precap: Rajjo asks Arjun where her duppata is. Arjun says that he threw it in the dustbin. Rajjo gets shocked and goes downstairs through the balcony. She runs behind the truch which takes the trashes. Arjun runs outside. Kalindi tells Madhu that Arjun ran behind a trash truck. Madhu comes outside the house finding Arjun. Arjun is with Rajjo.

The episode starts with Urvashi coming downstairs dancing. Arjun joins her and they dance. Later family joins them. Rajjo watches this hiding. She gets emotional seeing Arjun dancing with his mom. She recalls her mom and gets teary eyed. Prathap calls Chirag and Kalindi to give Shagun. Madhu looks unhappy. Arjun signs Madhu to hand them Shagun. Madhu obliges.

Urvashi slides the ring into Arjun’s finger. Arjun hesitates when it’s his turn. He drops the ring. The ring lands near Rajjo who is hiding behind a pillar. Arjun goes to collect it. Rajjo gets scared of getting caught by Arjun. Using her athletic skill. She climbs the pillar and stands on the edge of the pillar. Arjun again feels the strange smell which reminds him of Rajjo. He feels as she is in the house. He picks up the ring and goes back. Dadaji asks Arjun if he got the ring. Arjun nods yes and says that it slided from his hand. Dadaji says that it happens when heart and mind doesn’t agree with each other. Arjun says that both have to listen to him as he is living in a real world. Arjun slides the ring into Urvashi’s finger.

Pushkar spots Rajjo running away and stops her. He thinks that she’s a servant. He says that servant should dance to the owner’s tune and not like the owner. He asks her to go in and do her work. Just then family shouts lights have come. Rajjo runs away using this opportunity. Arjun asks Pushkar what he is doing here. Pushkar tells that he was talking to a servant with dirty clothes. He adds that she didn’t seem as if she’s from there. Arjun denies of having any such servant. Just then Urvashi screams. Arjun goes to Urvashi and asks what happened. Urvashi says that she got 5 lakhs followers on her social media account.

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