Rajjo: Arjun to break Rajjo’s fast!

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Star Plus’ daily soap, Rajjo, is gearing up for more drama with Arjun learning about Rajjo saves Arjun risking her life.

In the current story, it’s seen that Madhu sends Rajjo to the storeroom on the pretext of getting plates and locks her up there, so that Rajjo’s Karwa Chauth doesn’t get completed and Urvashi and Arjun can complete peacefully the Karwa Chauth rituals. Rajjo realizes that she has locked up and shouts for help. She worries that everyone will have completed their Karwa Chauth by drinking water, but she hasn’t yet drunk water from Arjun’s hand.

Just then, she sees Arjun from the window glass. She sees the poll is about to fall over Arjun. She screams to alert him. Arjun doesn’t hear her. However, he notices the poll and moves away. The poll falls and that place catches fire. Arjun is stuck in the fire. Rajjo sees this. She has nerve breakdown.

Yet she rushes to save Arjun. On her way, she pushes Urvashi and the kalash lands near Arjun. She jumps into the fire without fearing for her life. After rescuing Arjun, Rajjo faints. Arjun catches Rajjo and feeds her the water from the Kalash and unconsciously breaks her fast.

In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that Arjun will say to Rajjo that she can never become Rajjo Singh Thakur. He will say that she can’t take part in the Diwali race with their family name. Rajjo will tear the register slip for the race and will say that she will run as Rajjo.

Arjun will say that she still can’t run. Rajjo will ask why. She will ask if it’s because she’s not from a rich family. She will say that the sky and land belong to the poor too. She will firmly say that she will run in the Diwali race. Rajjo will ask Arjun to challenge her if he wants.

How will Arjun react to it? Will Rajjo be able to participate in the Diwali race and win?

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