Rajjo: Arjun to break Rajjo’s heart to save her life!

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Star Plus’ popular daily soap, Rajjo, is gearing up for more drama, with Chirag warning Rocky.

In the current story, it’s seen that Arjun expresses his wish to be Rajjo’s friend forever. Rajjo agrees to this and they become friends. Arjun says that they should share food and secrets and shouldn’t lie. They discuss their likes and dislikes the whole night. The next day, Madhu arrives at the farm house with Jhilmil and inquires Rajjo about her last night spent with Arjun.

She gets disappointed when Rajjo says that they were talking the whole night. Madhu is accompanied by Rocky. Rajjo and Kalindi are shocked to see Rocky. Later, Chirag learns that Rocky is there. He goes to Rocky. He beats Rocky and warns him to stay away from Kalindi.

Later, Chirag tightens the house security and fixes CCTV cameras so that Rocky doesn’t enter the house. However, Rocky manages to sneak into the house.

In the upcoming story, it will be seen that Arjun and Rajjo will have a romantic moment. They will dance to the song Ang Laga De. Their moment will be interrupted when the landline phone rings. Arjun will go to answer the call.

Arjun will be taken aback when Guruma says to Madhu that Arjun getting closer to Rajjo is the only solution to save Arjun from the life threat present in his horoscope.

Arjun will say to Rajjo that there is nothing between them and they’re not made for each other to save Rajjo’s life. Rajjo will be shocked to hear this and will feel dejected.

What will happen next? Will Rajjo find out the reason behind Arjun’s sudden changed behavior?

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