Rajjo: Arjun to stand against Madhu’s decision!

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Star Plus’ daily soap Rajjo is gearing up for more drama with Madhu wanting to throw Rajjo out of the house while Arjun opposing her.

In the current story, it’s seen that Doctor treats Rajjo and says that the next 48 hourscare very crucial for Rajjo. Madhu gets angry when Arjun cleans the dirt from Rajjo’s feet.

Madhu urges Arjun to throw Rajjo out of the house. Arjun refuses and firmly says that Rajjo won’t leave the house till she gets well. Meanwhile, Pushkar badmouths Manorama for using Rajjo to trap Arjun for money like Manorama trapped him years ago.

Pushkar is scared of getting accused by mother-daughter duo. So he threatens Manorama to tell Rajjo about their affairs and break their bond if she doesn’t follow his instructions. Manorama begs Pushkar to keep Rajjo out of it and agrees to obey him.

Here Madhu gives in to Arjun’s demand, but she refuses that Rajjo stays in Arjun’s room. Arjun agrees. Later Manorama shifts Rajjo to the storeroom which is a filled with dirt and cobwebs. Pushkar tells Arjun and the family that he found Rajjo’s mom and introduces her to the family.

In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that Arjun will tell Rajjo that her mom has been found. Rajjo will run after the car in which Manorama is traveling. Rajjo will jump and climb on the backside of the car shouting, mom. Manorama will notice Rajjo. Finally, Rajjo and Manorama will unite.

They will share an emotional hug. Rajjo will request Pushkar to find a job for her and her mom in Lucknow. Manorama will say to Arjun that Rajjo has to return to the village as her marriage is fixed with Vicky.

Both Arjun and Rajjo will be shocked to hear this. Rajjo will come to Arjun’s house to meet Arjun. The latter will run to Rajjo. Madhu will shut the main door at Rajjo’s face, preventing them from meeting.

Will Rajjo agree to marry Vicky? Will Arjun realize his feelings for Rajjo and will he stop her wedding?

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