Rajjo: Arjun to swear to never give the right of a wife to Rajjo!

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Star Plus’ popular daily soap, Rajjo, is gearing up for more drama, with Madhu coming up with a new plan to bring Rajjo and Arjun closer. 

In the current story, it’s seen that Thakurs are on the way to the temple. Madhu shares with Jhilmil that she sent a voice note asking Rajjo to light incense and reveals that she added drugs to that incense. She adds that Rajjo and Arjun will be intoxicated as soon as Rajjo lights the incense and they will get intimate.

On the other hand, Rajjo and Arjun get inebriated as Madhu’s plan. They grow closer and Arjun expresses his feelings for Rajjo to her. As they’re about to kiss, the landline phone rings. There in the temple, Manorama seeks God to show her a sign that Pushkar wants to harm Rajjo.

Suddenly, a serpent wraps around Pushkar’s body. The priest saves him by removing the snake. Manorama understands that Pushkar is responsible for the incident that happened with Rajjo. 

In the upcoming story, it will be seen that Arjun will answer the call. Arjun will be taken aback to learn that he should get intimate with Rajjo to escape from the life threat present in his horoscope. A shocked Arjun will walk out the house. Rajjo will not find Arjun and will go to go to find him.

Rajjo will find Rajjo standing in a temple. Rajjo will hug Arjun from behind. She will ask Arjun what he is hiding from her, if he is angry with her. Arjun will remove her hands harshly. He will shout at Rajjo, shocking the latter. He will ask her to only worry about herself and ask her to leave. A dejected Rajjo will walk away.

The next day Madhu will arrive there and ask Arjun what happened. Arjun will say that he is dead for her. He will swear to never get intimate with Rajjo, shocking Madhu. 

What will happen next? What will Madhu do now? Will Rajjo find out the truth? 

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