Rajjo: Madhu and Urvashi to prevent Rajjo from seeing Arjun!

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Star Plus’ daily soap, Rajjo, is gearing up for more drama with Arjun fainting after being defeated by Rajjo in the race. 

In the current story, it’s seen that Rajjo wins the race, defeating Arjun. Arjun and the Thakurs stand stunned while Rajjo dances with Sia, celebrating her victory. She mocks Arjun for losing to her. Suddenly, Arjun feels dizzy and faints in Rajjo’s arms. Everyone gets worried about Arjun. The Thakurs take Arjun in car to the hospital. Urvashi prevents Rajjo from getting into the car and pushes her down.

Rajjo reaches the hospital by running. Arjun gets admitted to the hospital and doctors start to treat him. Rajjo begs Kalindi and learns in which room Arjun is. Rajjo goes to see Arjun, but Madhu and Urvashi hold each others hands and block Rajjo’s way to prevent her from seeing Arjun.

Rajjo begs Madhu to allow her to see Arjun once. But Madhu refuses. She blames Rajjo for his condition and lashes out at her. Urvashi asks the security guard to keep Rajjo away from Arjun’s room. 

In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that Rajjo will manage to sneak inside Arjun’s room and will talk to an unconscious Arjun. She will ask Arjun to wake up to scold her. She will kiss his forehead.

Kaka will phone Rajjo and will say that Manorama will be expelled from the hospital and will be left to die in the streets if they don’t pay the hospital charge and will remind her that the Diwali rave is the only hope left for them. Rajjo will say that she will handle both of the relationships.

Will Arjun survive? Will Rajjo win the Diwali race?

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