Rajjo: Manorama to suffer from amnesia!

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Star Plus’ popular daily soap, Rajjo, is gearing up for more drama with Kalindi betraying Rajjo. 

In the current story, it’s seen that Rajjo urges Kalindi to tell Arjun that she informed her about Urvashi’s plan to loot Arjun and those papers of fixed deposit had Urvashi’s sign. Kalindi remembers Urvashi threatening her to expose her affair with Rocky to the family and asking her to change write Rajjo’s name on the bank papers. Kalindi denies Rajjo’s sayings and accuses her of theft.

A shocked Rajjo asks Arjun to take her to the police to find the truth. But Madhu opposes calling the police. Arjun rebukes Rajjo and calls her kidnapper. He speaks ill of Manorama, which angers Rajjo. She warns him not to speak badly about her mom, but Arjun persists. Rajjo grabs his collar in fury.

Arjun says that Rajjo fooled him by lying that her mom was in a coma and she’s working hard to earn money for her treatment, but Urvashi showed him Manorama sitting fine and buying jewellery. Rajjo takes Arjun to the hospital to show her mother.

She learns that Manorama has been taken somewhere else and takes Arjun there. However, on reaching there, Rajjo stands shocked when Arjun points at Manorama, who is plucking flowers. Rajjo cries out of happiness to see Manorama fine. 

In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that Manaroma will not recognize Rajjo and will ask who she is. Rajjo will say that Manorama is joking and pretends to forget everything. Manorama will ask Rajjo to stop harassing her, else she will hit her with a stone. Rajjo will be shocked to hear this.

Meanwhile, Arjun will tell Madhu on call that he can’t live in peace till he punishes Rajjo. Madhu will ask what he is going to do. Arjun says that he will do something that she has never imagined. 

What is Arjun going to do? Did Manorama really forget Rajjo? 

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