Rajjo: Rajjo to demand Arjun to tell her the truth!

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Star Plus’ popular daily soap, Rajjo, is gearing up for more drama, with Manorama exposing Pushkar’s evil plan against Rajjo.

In the current story, it’s seen that Pushkar expels Rajjo from the academy accusing her of not giving her blood test at the specified time. Manorama arrives there and exposes Pushkar’s intention to deliberately disqualify Rjjo by giving her steroids injection with the help of the nurse whom Pushkar hired for this work. Rajjo asks Manorama why Pushkar is targeting her, what’s his rivalry with her.

Pushkar grows anxious that his truth will get exposed. Madhumalti helps him by saying that he did it for Rajjo doesn’t beat Niharika in race. Pushkar also admits the same. Later, Manorama tries to express her joy that Arjun returned to Rajjo. Arjun makes it clear to here that he only returned for Rajjo and will go away for Rajjo too. He says that his plan is delayed but didn’t change.

Rajjo hears their conversation and is confused. Later, Rajjo confronts Arjun and urges him to tell her why he wants to go to USA leaving his family and everything, what he is hiding from her.

In the upcoming story, it will be seen that, to Rajjo’s shock, Manorama will say to her that she shouldn’t stay there anymore. She will add that Arjun’s need is fulfilled now, so he doesn’t need her anymore. She will begin to walk towards the entrance by grabbing Rajjo’s hand. But Rajjo will free her hand and will go to Arjun.

She will look straight into Arjun’s eyes and will ask if she doesn’t have feelings for her. She will say that no one will interfere in this and will ask Arjun to decide the future of their relationship. She will ask him whether he wants to stop her from leaving or to lose her forever.

What will happen next? What caused Manorama to take such a shocking decision? What will Arjun decide?

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