Rajjo: Rajjo to risk her life to help Arjun on the mission to find Urvashi!

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Star Plus’ daily soap, Rajjo, is gearing up for more drama with the Takhur’s receiving a new threatening message from the kidnappers.

In the current story, it’s seen that Arjun, Rajjo and Chirag are shocked to see the second video shared by the kidnappers in which Urvashi begs Arjun to save her, as the kidnappers threatened to shoot her if they don’t give the ransom on the fixed time and take police’s help. Arjun decides to go to the location given by the kidnappers without informing the police. In the mansion, the Thakurs get ready to leave with the ransom.

They ask Pushkar to accompany them with his gun. Pushkar makes an excuse and avoids going with them. Later, Arjun, Rajjo and the Thakurs put the money bag in the location mentioned by the kidnappers. They hide and wait for the kidnappers to collect the money and release Urvashi. The kidnappers arrive in a car.

They collect the bag, but drive off without leaving Urvashi, which shocks everyone. Rajjo refuses to let Arjun’s hard work go in vain. Rajjo runs after the car. Arjun is worried about Rajjo and runs after her. Rajjo jumps and tries to get on the car’s backside. She falls up and ends up scratching her hands.

Arjun scolds Rajjo for risking her life for Urvashi. He carries her in his arms to the room and treats her wounds. Rajjo smiles out of happiness to see Arjun caring for her. 

In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that Rajjo, Arjun and Chirag, along with the police team, will reach the place where the kidnappers held Urvashi. They will beat Urvashi and will save Urvashi. The latter will accuse Rajjo of kidnapping her. Rajjo will say that Urvashi is lying. Urvashi and Rajjo will argue over this.

Arjun will shout, asking them to stop fighting. He will refuse to believe any of them as he is the one who gets hurt most because of trusting people. He will ask both Urvashi and Rajjo to bring proof to prove their truth. 

Will Rajjo be able to prove her innocence and expose the real culprit? 

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