‘Rakshabandhan: Rasaal Apne Bhai Ki Dhaal’: Shiva claims that the haveli is his and Rasaal’s.

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Yash and Mamta Patnaik’s “Rakshabandhan: Rasaal Apne Bhai Ki Dhaal” will see Shiva finally coming back home. 

In the recent episode we saw that Rasaal gets angry at dadi for revealing the truth to Shiva. Dadi explains to her that she needs someone to protect her and support her. Chakori overhears their conversation and questions Samar that why did Rasaal call her brother. Hearing this Rasaal flips and warns Chakori to be alert because if Shiva comes he will be a threat to the entire family. 

Meanwhile, Kanak is not ready to come with Shiva but Ratan asks him to take her along. Chakori plants goons to stop Shiva from entering the haveli, but he beats them up and enters the house tying them with a rope much to Chakori and Moong’s shock. Chakori shouts why he is here, to which Shiva roars and tells her that he is going to stay here and be there for her sister. He also tells her that the haveli is his and Rasaal’s and not hers.  

What will Chakori do now? To know what happens next, keep watching “Rakshabandhan: Rasaal Apne Bhai Ki Dhaal”. 

“Rakshabandhan: Rasaal Apne Bhai Ki Dhaal”, produced under Beyond Dreams Entertainment, features Nishant Malkhani, Varsha Sharma, Vaishali Takkar, Farman Haider, Nyrraa M Banerji, Prachi Pathak, Ajay Sharma, Sanchita Bannerjee, Soneer Vadhera, Manish Purohit, Yogendra Nath, Aparna Agarwal, and Anurag Vyas.