Rakshit is the man behind the mask: Divya Drishti


Drama ahead in Divya Drishti with Divya and Drishti searching for human ashes so that they can burn it before Pisachini finds it.

In Star Plus Divya Drishti Rakshit gets ready to marry Lavanya. Rakshit ask Drishti to sign the divorce papers. Drishti signs the papers. Pisachini gets happy thinking the duo is separated. Pisachini snatches Drishti’s mangalsutra and throws away. Drishti begs her not to do all these.

Later, Romi gets to know that the mystery man is none other than Rakshit. He asked Rakshit why he is playing with his sister. Romi ask why he is playing games with them. Rakshit tells him that he is playing game with Piscahni. He tells him that he agree to marry Lava for a reason.

Rakshit ask Romi to give him the promise that he will keep his secret with him only. He also asks Romi to keep an eye on Lava and update him with her acts.

Meanwhile Divya manages to take the locket with the help of Shekhar. Drishti searches for the duo. She sees the Pisachini stabs Divya. She worries for her. Drishti finds them and tells Shekhar that Pisachini is around.

Now in the upcoming episode will see, Divya and Drishti will search for the human ashes.

Divya and Drishti search for the human ashes and they find it buried under the coconut. They wish to burn it before Pisachini reaches the spot. Here, Rakshit is getting married to Lava. Later, Pisachini will plan to give Lava her evil powers.

What next happens in Divya Drishti will be interesting to watch.

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