Ram Pyaare Sirf Hamare 10th December 2020 Written Update: Boxing championship between Shyam and Kinkshuk

Ram Pyaare Sirf Hamare 10th December 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Kinkshuk balancing himself in one leg while Dulari encourages him, koyal and Menika comes there and ask why is he standing like this? To which Patang replied that it’s the first challenge for swayamvar in which they will see who can balance more.

Menika says that compitition happens between two people so why kinkshuk is doing it alone? Ram being Shyam ask her to be silent as he will do it after kinkshuk, to which Dulari indirectly ask Shyam to use his stick while koyal and Menika looks confused. Kinkshuk says that he is ready while shyam started beating him brutally with stick, kinkshuk shows himself strong in front of Dulari while Patang praises him saying he have created a world record by standing for 30minute and 23 seconds.

Shyam gets ready for the compitition and as Kinkshuk was about to beat him he intentionally falls while kinkshuk gets happy as he won the challenge and patang along with Dulari fake taunts Shyam. Dulari congratulated kinkshuk while Menika tells him that they made fool of him, shyam makes fun of them and koyal Menika laong with Kinkshuk goes from there while Dulari along with Patang breaks into fits of laughter.

Shyam calls PadmaBhushan and Menika while koyal comes out nervously, he again calls for Menika when she walks out wearing PPE kit, koyal questions her about it to which she says that she is corona positive, evryone gets shocked. She shows her report when Patang denies to believe her, shyam still ask her to leave while Ram’s mother comes out declaring that her daughter won’t go anywhere, Dulari and Ram looks at eachother.

Ram’s mother says that of Menika will go then she will also go with her and moves inside while shyam tries to follow her but kinkshuk stands in front of him and says that he will be Dulari’s husband no matter what! He blushes seeing Dulari while she passes a fake smile, he declares that he will tel about challenge no. 2 while koyal looks at him in disbelief.

Patang discuss about the problem with Irfan at the tea stall. On the other side Menika cries while her mother consoles her saying she won’t let anything happen to her, Menika ask koyal to come inside her room but she denies saying what if she gets infected? At that time Dulari walks inside with herbal kadha (drink) for menika to increase her immunity, Menika says she can’t deink it showing her face mask while Dulari gives her straw. Ram’s mother praises her and indirectly taunts koyal while koyal praises herself.

Everyone goes out hearing kinkshuk’s voice, while they gets shocked seeing him in boxing ring with gloves and properly dressed as a boxer to start a fight, shyam ask what is all this and tries to scare kinkshuk but koyal laughs saying kinkshuk is a boxing champion and have won gold for three times while Dulari and Patang gets shocked. Kinkshuk breaks the brick and tables from his body making shyam scared, koyal cheers for kinkshuk while maintaining distance from Menika. Shyam agrees to fight with Kinkshuk while Dulari worries for him.

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