Ram Pyaare Sirf Hamare 11th December 2020 Written Update: Menika tries to convince her mother for koyal and Ram’s marriage

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The episode starts with shyam getting scared but still agrees to fight with Kinkshuk for Dulari while she tries to stop him, Ram’s mother goes from there saying she can’t see them fighting. Ram goes inside the boxing ring along with Patang while kinkshuk punches patang hard making him see the stars, patang says that he will be referee and declares that the one who will win the match will have ring ceremony with Dulari, he ask to start round 1 between kinkshuk and Shyam.

Kinkshuk tries to punch Shyam but he keeps escaping, kinkshuk chases him all around the ring while Dulari sees the hammer and rings the bell declaring break, shyam moves out of ring as Kinkshuk isn’t stopping. Patang came in between and stops kinkshuk, Dulari suggest shyam to quit but he disagreed while Koyal appreciates kinkshuk and warns him not to harm Ram’s face, Menika comes there and ask Kinkshuk to do his best.

Secony round started and Ram keeps shielding himself while kinkshuk tries to punch him, Dulari again rings the bell saving Ram but Menika sees her. Menika encourages Kinkshuk while Dulari ask Ram to stay safe. Round 3 gets started and Menika takes the bell along with her without letting anyone notice. Shyam and kinkshuk keeps fighting while Dulari tries to ring the be again and gets shocked not finding it, she glares at Menika.

Kinkshuk keeps punching Ram hard while patang tries to stop him but instead kinkshuk punched him also, Patang cries due to pain and somehow detached kinkshuk from shyam, he starts counting till 10 seeing Ram down on the floor, kinkshuk passes smile to Dulari saying only he will marry her, this triggered Shyam and he got up beating Kinkshuk brutally, kinkshuk falls down while Dulari ask him to tell the truth so that she can save him, he tells her about the accident while she recorded it in her phone hiding with her saree and shows thumbs up to Ram. Shyam sneezed and transformed to Ram acting in front of all, he questions patang that what is happening here?

To which Patang told about the swayamvar challenge and how shyam had beaten kinkshuk, Koyal says that shyam have left so this match won’t have any winner while Ram declares that as shyam have ran away then kinkshuk is the winner, he wakes him up and evryone clapped for kinkshuk. Menika says now Dulari’s marriage with shyam is cancelled while Dulari praises kinkshuk making him blush.

At that time Ram sneezed again and transformed to shyam, koyal gets irritated with him and ask Menika to find some solution for this problem. Patang goes to her and gives her a solution, he handed her a wooden plank and ask to beat Ram with it on his head, Koyal denies but Menika ask her to try! Koyal beats Ram when Dulari brought Ram’s mother there showing her what koyal did, koyal gets scared.

Ram glares her while his mother shouted at her, she gives them reason for doing this while Dulari provokes Ram’s mother saying she have spended so many years with Ram’s father having same disorder still never complaint. Patang balmed Menika and koyal saying that they were planning for it from a long time. Ram’s mother declared that she won’t let Koyal marry Ram and goes inside making Dulari smirk.

Menika tries to convince her mother and starts her emotional drama that if this marriage won’t happen then her in-laws won’t accept her, to which her mother said that they both will leave the house and will go to vrindavan, Menika gets shocked and begs her to not interfere in the marriage. At that time koyal comes there and says that Patang told her to do that while Ram’s mother scolds her.

Dulari goes to Ram who was sitting…

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