Ram Pyaare Sirf Hamare 1st December 2020 Written Update: Ram apologized to Dulari

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Episode starts with Patang and Irfan sitting at tea stall when Ram comes there with a sad face, Irfan ask him the reason to which he told about his fight with Dulari! Patang tells him not to joke as he can’t believe Dulari and Ram can have an argument. Ram blames himself while Irfan suggest him to apologise to Dulari and says that their love for eachother is an example to all of them, Patang agrees to Irfan while Ram keeps thinking.

On the other side Dulari keeps pacing here and there thinking about Menika’s warning, at that time Kinkshuk comes there and confronts her for showing fake love towards him! He blames her saying all the photoshoot and date was just her trap to know the truth from him while she keep denying, he cries saying he can’t bear her betrayal, koyal and Menika comes there  while koyal ask Dulari to prove that she really loves kinkshuk and isn’t faking it!

 To which Dulari replies that true love can’t be proved and continues that she only loves her Ram, kinkshuk gets shocked and ask then what about him? Dulari says that she likes him while he blushes. Menika claps and come towards Dulari she ask her to throw Ram’s mangalsutra from her neck if she really likes Kinkshuk while Dulari gets stunned, koyal smirks and agrees to Menika. Dulari denies saying that Ram is Koyal’s would be husband and what if something happens to him if she removes it?

Kinkshuk nods understanding her while Menika interrupts saying nothing will happen as she herself have so many times exchanged her mangalsutra in jewellers shop but nothing happened to PadmaBhushan, to which Dulari says that is why PadmaBhushan had accident. Menika glares Dulari and ask her to cut the mangalsutra as then she doesn’t have to remove it and Ram will also be safe, Dulari gets shocked, she picks a knife and moves towards kinkshuk while all three gets scared of her.

 Dulari gives the knife to him and ask to cut her nuptial chain as she herself can’t do it, he takes it and was about to cut when she shouts asking him to be careful making them jump in fear, he again was about to proceed (Mantras plays in background) while she again does it making them startled, he again gains his courage and tries to cut her chain but gives up saying he can’t do it as he can’t take risk of harming Dulari, he further declares that he have full trust on her as she truelly loves him while Menika and koyal bangs their head.

 At that time Ram comes there and drags kinkshuk away from Dulari, Ram and Dulari looks at eachother while he apologized to her and says that he brought flowers for her, he was about to decorate it in her hair when kinkshuk interrupted saying she is his to be wife while Dulari remembers Menika’s warning and stops Ram from putting flowers in her hair, she ask him to give it to koyal as it’s her right while everyone gets shocked hearing her. She puts it on Koyal’s hair controlling her tears while kinkshuk gets happy and Menika smirks, Dulari tells that she can’t forgive Ram as she don’t have any rights on him while he goes from there being disheartened, Menika gets happy and praises Dulari.

Koyal and kinkshuk dance in their sangeet function while Irfan and patang discuss that no one from their neighbourhood have attended the function as everyone is sad. Menika joins them and starts dancing excitedly (London thumakda plays) while Patang and Irfan glares them. At that time Ram and Dulari comes there, Dulari whispers something in patang and Irfan’s ear making them smile, while they shows thumbs up to her.

Later Dulari comes to Ram who was standing in front of window, she ask him to smile as it’s his sangeet and further tells him that she rejected his flowers to gain kinkshuk’s trust so that he can tell the accident’s truth to her while kinkshuk gets shocked hearing her from aside and leaves from there being furious, meanwhile Ram hugged Dulari.

Patang spiked the drink and gives it to Dulari while she serves it to kinkshuk, he smiles at her and takes her aside and exchanged his drink with her, she faints after drinking it while he smirks.

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