Ram Pyaare Sirf Hamare 27th November 2020 Written Update: Kinkshuk blames koyal and Menika for ruining his date

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Episode starts with koyal asking Dulari that why she have given such weird clothes to her brother? While Dulari supress her laugh and fake praises kinkshuk saying that he is looking handsome in this making him blush. Dulari says that she have bought handkerchief to match with Kinkshuk outfit, at that time Ram comes there and starts laughing while koyal ask him to stop saying that kinkshuk is her brother and not a joke that he is laughing so much.

Ram ignores her and says what kinkshuk is wearing to which he replies that he can wear anything which Dulari will give, koyal passes a rose to Ram while Dulari looks at him, he started sneezing and says that he is allergic to rose, koyal throws the flower while Ram winks at Dulari making her happy.

Kinkshuk was about to hold Dulari’s hand to take her inside but Ram turned him and goes with him, all four sat on the same table while Ram ask koyal to move to other table so that they can start their date but koyal stops him saying it’s a family date and all four will sit together, koyal thinks that now Dulari can’t able to know about the truth from kinkshuk.

 Dulari ask Koyal to go as she wants to have a romantic date with kinkshuk and in their presence they can’t talk about Romantic things while kinkshuk agrees to her but koyal replies that she can have romantic talks on their honeymoon.

Kinshuk lits the candle while Ram ask the reason, to which he replies that he had a dream to go on a candle light lunch with his wife-to-be, Ram sneezed intentionally and blows off the candle saying that candle is rose flavoured and so he couldn’t able to control his sneeze as he is allergic to it.

Ram somehow convenced Koyal to sit with him on some other table, she gets up and ask him to take nearby table to Dulari and kinshuk but Ram suggested a corner one, koyal denied and takes him to the adjoining table of Dulari but suddenly Patang came there disguised in punjabi look and grab that table, he asked her to take the corner one as it’s empty while Dulari laughs silently.

 Koyal moves to the other nearby empty table but Irfan along with other neighbors came there in disguised look and captures it before Koyal, she feel irritated and without having any option goes to sit on corner one.

On the other side Dulari lits the candle again and talks extra sweetly with Kinkshuk while he gets lost in her eyes, Patang keeps an eye on them. Dulari ask what he can see in her eyes? To which kinkshuk replies Love and ask what she can see in his eyes?

 To which Dulari replies secrets and ask him to tell what is he hiding? Kinkshuk gets nervous while she touches his hand telling that she is going to be his wife so he can share secrets with her, koyal looks at them.

Menika reaches to the restaurant while autodriver ask money for the ride she takes his money and gives it to him only making him confused. Dulari ask Kinkshuk to tell the truth about accident while he says that he can’t as Menika have prohibited him from revealing it. Menika comes inside the restaurant while Patang sees her and rushes to stop her at entrance, he addressed her as Gurpreet while she gets confused, on the other side kinkshuk stammers telling about the accident but Menika stopped him shocking everyone, she further complains about Patang teasing her while he apologises to her saying that he mistook her as someone else. Menika goes towards Dulari while Ram ask her not to disturb their date while she informs that she is here to end the date as Rudra Prasad have asked to bring them back, to which Dulari says that their date has just started so how can they end it?

Koyal interrupts and drags kinkshuk from there while he keeps pleading her not to. Ram ask Dulari if she got any information? While she denies saying he was about to tell but at that time only Menika disturbed them.

Kinkshuk ask if they dont trust him at all while koyal and Menika says that he is mad in Dulari’s love and so they just can’t trust him, he grits his teeth saying that they have ruined his date and further goes from there declaring that he is out of their team from now on, koyal and Menika gets shocked, Ram and Dulari hears them and smiles while Ram says that he got a plan.

Patang and Irfan along with Kinkshuk sits together for alcohol party, at that time Patang presses kinkshuk’s weak nerve saying about his hair while Ram keeps recording them hiding behind the door. Patang encourages Kinkshuk to pour his heart out as it can relieve him from stress, he intentionally ask about accident while kinkshuk drinks more alcohol and cries loudly, he starts saying about the accident while Ram gets shocked.

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