Ram Pyaare Sirf Hamare 28th November 2020 Written Update: Dulari and kinshuk prepares for pre-wedding photoshoot

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Episode starts with Kinkshuk narrating about the night of accident while Ram keeps recording him, he starts saying about the dark night and then falls asleep due to alcohol affect but patang and Irfan slaps him to wake up and ask to continue while he keeps saying the same thing again and again making them irritated, they ask him what happened after that?

 To which he replies that PadmaBhushan was crossing the road while a car was coming towards him, he keeps repeating  it and then again falls asleep. Patang pours alcohol and drinks himself saying that he don’t want to waste it while Ram and Irfan shakes their head. On the other side Dulari gets worried saying only 3 days are left for the wedding and Ram agrees to her, she panics while Ram hugs her to make her calm and then sits beside her asking not to worry as they will definitely find a solution, he further assures her that he is only hers as they are made for each other,

 Dulari looks at him lovingly ( pal bhar thehar jao plays) they falls in an eye lock and then Ram embraces her, he picks her up in his arms and puts her on bed, they both faces each other and keeps looking, at that time sun rays falls inside there room making them sit while Ram holds Dulari protectively.

Koyal yawns and falls on sofa while Menika comes there asking her to get ready as only three days are left for the marriage, Menika shows her excitement saying she have so much to do! Koyal ask her to relax as they have so much time to get ready and advice her to concentrate on kinkshuk or else Dulari will get the truth out from him by showing her fake love, Menika agrees to her and ask her to keeps an eye on kinkshuk, she further informs that she is going to take beauty treatment while koyal stops her and indirectly taunts her, later kinkshuk comes there saying that he is going out!

To which koyal says that he can’t go out with Dulari before marriage while Dulari says that she always had a dream to do pre wedding photoshoot which couldn’t get fullfilled in her first marriage with Ram so she is doing it now with Kinkshuk while he agrees to her like a love sick lost puppy. Menika questions that they can do photoshoot in home also so what’s the need to go out? To which kinkshuk grits his teeth saying he is going out alone for hair bonding and not for photoshoot!

 Menika ask about it while Dulari answers that by this process hair will be strongly sticked to kinkshuk’s scalp, koyal says that what’s the need of it as it will be fake only while kinkshuk glares her, Dulari gazes koyal saying that this things applies to relations also as real relationship will always be real and fake can never take its place, she further tells that kinkshuk is doing hair bonding for the photoshoot while he smiles and leaves from there bidding bye to them,

koyal and Menika stopped him saying that Dulari is just faking her love to find the truth and restrict him from going out while he laughs like a mad and goes from there. Koyal ask Menika to think something to stop Dulari while Menika declares that she won’t let them do the photoshoot, later they both taunts each other.

Ram appreciates Dulari for her cooking and compliments her for her look, he gets romantic with her while she blushes and was about to tell him that what they have to do in pre wedding photoshoot when the door bell rings and they both goes to see, Ram’s mother opens the door while Patang disguised in photographer look comes inside and starts clicking her pictures complimenting her looks while she ask him to stop, at that time Ram’s father comes there and gets romantic with her, Dulari smiles seeing them and says that Ram gets his romantic side from his father only making Ram smile.

Kinkshuk comes there while everyone gets shocked seeing blue-black spots on his face, koyal goes to him and ask what happened? To which he tells that the chemicals which they used to stick his hair causes these blue marks on his face, Menika and koyal scolds him saying that they have warned him not to go but he didn’t listen to them.

Patang makes fun of kinkshuk while he complains to koyal that how will he do photoshoot now? Koyal advice him to do the shoot on the day of marriage while Dulari whispers to Ram that she is having a feeling that Menika and koyal is behind whatever happened to kinkshuk, while koyal and Menika smirks.

 Dulari says that they will be busy on the day of marriage and she likes kinkshuk the way he is, so she don’t have any problem in doing photoshoot like this only while kinkshuk gets happy hearing her.

Koyal interrupts saying she won’t let him do the shoot like this, to which Patang says he won’t go without clicking pictures and advice that he can correct kinkshuk’s face by editing while kinkshuk smiles and agrees to it happily, koyal scolds him to which he shouts that she is not letting him do the shoot cause of fear that he will tell the truth to Dulari, while everyone gets shocked. Ram’s father questions about the secret, to which kinkshuk goes to tell him but Menika sprays perfume making Bhadra prasad sneeze and he transformed to Rudra Prasad, all the ladies covered their heads.

Dulari says that they will do the photoshoot as she have liked kinkshuk’s heart and not face while he smiles, Ram agrees to her and says they should start the shoot while Patang warns that if anyone else other then bride and groom comes to the shoot then he will fine 10 thousand rupees and goes from there, Rudra Prasad declares that no one other then Dulari and kinkshuk will go to the shoot, while Menika and koyal gets worried.

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